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Geographic Territory

  • Centered in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR
  • Serving primarily the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, and the Canadian province of British Columbia (especially Victoria/Vancouver); to a lesser degree, Northern California (generally the SF Bay Region and points North) and Alaska


Stated Mission (from website)

  • To coordinate the exchange of information and resources between NW Intentional Communities and others.
  • Facilitate communication and networking between local, regional, and national intentional communities organizations.
  • Ascertain and promote intentional communities aims and values that contribute most to community sustainability.
  • Foster and assist the study of and education on all major elements of intentional communities.
  • Assist organizing and financing efforts of and for intentional communities

FIC Relationship Notes

  • The NICA Website is hosted by FIC. NICA contributes money to FIC to help support hosting costs and continued development of the FIC website.
  • NICA hosted a fund-raiser for the FIC Online Directory Endowment fund in 2004
  • Fred Lanphear, the current NICA president, is on the FIC board.
  • Nancy Lanphear, also on the NICA board, is available for volunteer work for FIC as an Imp - she is expected to help on a FIC Art of Community Event
  • Craig Ragland, who is working on a large project for NICA, is doing volunteer work for FIC as an Imp - his largest project, in this capacity, is coordinating a Sep-06 NW Communities Event.
    • For the Sep06 Event, NICA is expected to act as a secondary sponsor to FIC, which will be the primary sponsor/presenter.
  • Raines Cohen, FIC and Coho/US board member, is a NICA member, attended a NICA event in 2004, and intends to participate in more in the future. He monitors NICA's main mailing list, and is often willing to host NICA-member visitors to the SF Bay Area.

Upcoming Events/opportunities

NICA is planning its Winter gathering for Feb. 25, 2006, at Rosewind Cohousing in Port Townsend, WA

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