Norton SYstem Works:Forensic computer terms Suite of utilities which contains these significant programs:- CleanSweep designed to remove unwanted applications and delete files at will. Web Cleanup a similar program but is associated with files left over from internet sessions, including cookies, temporary internet cache and history files. It is possible to schedule both programs to automatically run after specified periods or each time the computer starts up or shuts down for example. Norton Protected Recycle Bin, which resides within the Microsoft Windows Recycler directory. The Norton Protected Recycle Bin includes a directory called NProtect. The NProtect directory is used to store temporary copies of files that the user has deleted or modified. This feature supplements the Windows Recycle Bin, creating a temporary backup of certain types of files that the Windows Recycle Bin does not back up. The Norton Protected Recycle Bin allows the user to recover these protected files if they are accidentally deleted. The filenames are changed from filename.jpg to 000*****.DAT as this is a function of NProtect.

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