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This is a test page for the notBradshaw idea notBradsahw aims to be a sort of station/route directory for railway networks all over the world.

As a test for the UK I am using data from an scan of an 1850 Bradshaw on WP

Mileages (UK)

York -> Scarborough

0 York
4 Haxby
6 Strensall
9 Flaxton
11 Barton
15 Kirkham
16 Castle Horward
18 Hutton
21 Malton
25 Rillington Jct.
37 Kanpton
39 Helerston
33 Sherburn
34 Ganton
38 Seamer
44 Filey
42 Scarbourgh

Whitby Branch Rillington Jct-> Whitby

Milezero: York

25 Rillington Jct.
29 Marishes Road
32 Pickering
38 Levisham
47 Goathland
50 Grosmont
53 Sleights
54 Ruswaro
56 Whitby


Mileages (USA -Alaska)

Alaska is served by two railroads, the state-owned Alaska Railroad and the White Pass & Yukon Route.

The Alaska Railroad, travelling 470 miles between Seward, Anchorage, Denali and Fairbanks, is the busier route, surpassing the 109 mile White Pass and Yukon Route Railway, which serves the southeast community of Skagway and the Yukon capital of Whitehorse.

WP&Y -> Whitehorse

0 Skagway AK

20 White Pass (natural feature, border between US and CA)

40 Bennet B.C.

67 Carcross YT (formerly known as Caribou YT)

110 Whitehorse YT

Alaska Rail Road

0 Seward

29 Moose Pass

64 Portage

68 Whittier

74 Girdwood

88 Indian

110 Spenard

114 Anchorage

117 Elmendorf AFB

126 Eagle River

159 Wasilla

185 Willow

226 Talkeetna

347 Denali

411 Nenana

467 College

470 Fairbanks