Not So Slow Girls is an Ash & Friends spoof to Not So Slow Coaches.


  1. Ash Ketchum as Thomas (Veronica Taylor)
  2. Ryu as Hiro (Yuri Lowenthal)
  3. Pac-Man as Charlie (Erin Matthews)
  4. Henry Chan as Connor (Robert Ito)
  5. Josie McCoy as Caitlin (Janet Waldo)
  6. Mel Blake as Mavis (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  7. Suzy as Annie (Megan Hollingshead)
  8. Pietra as Clarabel (Carol Jacobanis)
  9. Ethan as Farmer McColl (Nathan Price)


  • Mark Moraghan: There's nothing Ash likes more than taking Suzy and Pietra along his route. But even though his fillies are very faithful, they do sometimes complain, especially when Spike goes a bit too fast."
  • Suzy: "He's doing it again, Pietra.
  • Pietra: "I agree, Suzy. He's going dreadfully fast."
  • Ash: (Laughs) "I can hear you two."
  • Narrator: "One day, Suzy and Pietra were complaining as usual."
  • Suzy: Ash, slow down."
  • Pietra: "My horn is rattling."
  • Narrator: "So Ash decided to be a little cheeky."
  • Ash: (Cackles)
  • Suzy: "Oh, dearie me. What are you doing, Ash? Now you're going too slow."
  • Pietra: "You need to speed up if you're going to get us anywhere on time."
  • Ash: "But I thought you two wanted me to go slowly. Oh, well. If you want me to go fast..." (Cackles)
  • Pietra: "Clattering girls!"
  • Suzy: "Oh, that's much too fast."
  • Ash: (Laughs)
  • Suzy: Cheeky Ash!"
  • Pietra: "Cheeky, cheeky Ash!
  • Ash: (Laughs)
  • Narrator: "By the time Ash arrived at the YTV Airfield, he was running rather late."
  • Ash: (Gasps) "Blast my head! I'm suppose to be taking some Beedrill to the quarry after this."
  • Suzy and Pietra: "Ooh!"
  • Narrator: "Meanwhile, Josie was pulling into the yards. Josie was a very fast girl indeed."
  • Pac-Man: "Hello, Josie. What are you doing here?"
  • Josie: "I'm been going so fast I've loosen some fur, Pac-Man. I need to go to the works and get them tighten. Can I leave my buffaloes here and come back for them later?"
  • Pac-Man: "Sure thing, Josie."
  • Narrator: "As Josie pulled away, Ash arrived at the yards."
  • Ash: "Sorry, Suzy and Pietra. I'll have to leave you here for a while. I'm late for the quarry."
  • Pietra: "Well, if you hadn't been messing around, Ash. This wouldn't have happened."
  • Ash: "I agree. Too much going too fast. Then too much going too slow."
  • Narrator: Ash hurried up to the quarry as fast as he could."
  • Mel: "Thanks, Ash. Empty Beedrill, and just in time."
  • Ash: (Panting) "You're welcome... Mel."
  • Narrator: "Then he hurried back from the quarry. But..."
  • Suzy and Pietra: (Snoring)
  • Narrator: "Josie came back at the yards first."
  • Josie: "I've come to collect my coaches, Pac-Man."
  • Pac-Man: "Coming, Josie. Ooh. I've got a joke for you. How do bees get to school?"
  • Josie: "Uh, I don't know."
  • Pac-Man: "On a school buzz."
  • Pac-Man and Josie: (Laugh)
  • Narrator: "Pac-Man was so busy joking, he accidentally put Suzy and Pietra over to Josie along with her own coaches.
  • Suzy: "Ooh. Oh, Ash must be back."
  • Pietra: "About time too." (Yawns) "Now, don't go too fast, Ash. (Gasps) "Ash? You're over there."
  • Suzy: "Well, if he's over there, then who is pulling us?"
  • Ash: "Fizzling fire breath! Wait, Josie! Come back!"
  • Pietra: "This is the fastest we've ever been."
  • Suzy: "I don't like it at all!"
  • Pietra: "I've got my eyes closed."
  • Suzy: "Does it help?"
  • Pietra: "No, not really."
  • Narrator: "At last, Josie stopped at Sugar Cube Corner."
  • Pietra: "Thank goodness for that."
  • Josie: "Hello, Carrot Cake. How about a race up to the castle?"
  • Suzy: "Oh, dear. A race?"
  • Pietra: "Please say no. Please say no. Please say no."
  • Henry: "You're on, Cup Cake."
  • Suzy and Pietra: "No!"
  • Josie: "Ready. Set. Go!"
  • Suzy and Pietra: "No!"
  • Ash: "No!"
  • Josie: "Whee!"
  • Henry: "Yay, hey-hey-hey! Why-ha hey-hey! You'll never beat me, Cup Cake!"
  • Josie: (Giggles) "We'll see about that."
  • Suzy: "Oh!"
  • Pietra: "I'll never complain about Ash again!"
  • Suzy: "No will I!"
  • Ash: "If I ever get Suzy and Pietra back, I'll never tease them again."
  • Narrator: "Ash puffed as fast as he could, but before he could get up to the castle..."
  • Ash: Josie!"
  • Josie: Ash!"
  • Ash: Suzy! Pietra!"
  • Suzy and Pietra: Ash!"
  • Narrator: Josie was already on her way back, heading for the mainland."
  • Ash: "Oh, on."
  • Narrator: "Ash had to stop Josie before she went over the YTV bridge to the mainland."
  • Ash: "Oh, no. I'm too late. I'll never be able to catch up with Josie now."
  • Ryu: "Hello, Ash.
  • Ash: "Hello, Ryu.
  • Ryu: "It's a good thing I stopped Josie. She was taking your fillies away."
  • Ash: Suzy and Pietra. You brought them back. Thank you."
  • Suzy: "Yes! Thank you, Ryu.
  • Pietra: "Thank you indeed."
  • Ash: Oh, Suzy and Pietra, I'm sorry I teased you."
  • Suzy: "And we're sorry we complained about how fast you were going."
  • Pietra: "We'll never do it again."
  • Narrator: "Ash wanted to got even faster, but he was so happy to have Suzy and Pietra back, he just smiled."
  • Suzy: "Although you are going a bit fast now."
  • Pietra: "Much too fast, if you ask me.
  • Suzy: "You're so right, Pietra. Much too fast."
  • Ash, Suzy and Pietra: (Laugh)

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