$ES_F   -   mini S&P 500 Futures
$NQ_F   -   mini NASDAQ 100 Futures
$YM_F   -   mini Dow Futures
$6E_F  -   EUR/USD Futures
$6J_F  -   JPY/USD Futures
$CL_F  -   Light, Sweet Crude Oil Futures
$GC_F  -   Gold Futures
$SI_F  -   Silver Futures
$HG_F  -   Copper Futures
$PL_F  -   Platinum Futures
$AL_F  -   Aluminium Futures
$6A_F  -   AUD/USD Futures
$6C_F  -   CAD/USD Futures
6S_F  -   CHF/USD Futures
$6B_F  -   GBP/USD Futures
$6N_F  -   NZD/USD Futures
$6M_F  -   MXN/USD Futures
$DX_F  -   CME$INDEX Futures
$ND_F  -   NASDAQ 100 Futures
$SP_F  -   S&P 500 Futures
$DJ_F  -   DJIA Futures
$EMD_F -   E-mini S&P MidCap 400 Futures
$TF_F  -   mini Russell 2000 Futures


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