Nov. 11, 2006 - DJ's Army of the Dead vs The Bulldogs

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 Players - DJ - team - DJ's Army of the Dead
                hero - Ghost Rider w/ chain
      other minifigs - skeleton w/ axe
                       Dead Vader w/ lightsaber
                       decapitated Jango Fett w/ dual blasters
                       flaming General Greivous w/ tummy flamethrower
                       Dead Rebel w/ 2 sided "weirdsaber" (a weird-looking lightsaber)
       Lauren - team - Bulldogs
                hero - Rock Raider chick w/ heavy blaster
      other minifigs - Padme Amidala w/ lightsaber
                       Spongebob Squarepants w/lightsaber
                       Luke Skywalker w/ single barrel rifle
                       Minotaur w/ handheld machine gun
                       Weird-looking Spiderman w/ big axe
                       Battle Droid Commander w/ blaster

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