"A dog, a panic in a pagoda!"
"Rats live on no evil star!"

Consider yourselves each responsible for being sure the members of your team have rides, even if they're not riding with you.

Southern California ACM Programming Competition on Saturday, November 11th.

Get to IHOP across from John Wayne Airport (corner of Michelson and MacArthur) for breakfast at 6:15am. Breakfast is paid, courtesy of ACM. (Zack or Matthew, please be sure to bring some form of payment with you; ACM credit card or something.)

International House of Pancakes
18542 Macarthur Blvd
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 474-4467
IHOP map.

Check in at Riverside Community College at ~8am

Riverside Community College
4800 Magnolia Ave
Riverside, CA 92506
Directions from IHOP to Riverside Community College map.

Have enough cars at IHOP to get us all out to the contest afterward. (A corrolary to this goal is that we may not want to bring too many cars to IHOP, unless some of you are comfortable leaving them there for the day, or unless we want to drive several cars when a few would do.)

Rides to the contest

We'll do ride assignments before Friday afternoon. Don't bother posting email addresses, since we have them on the mailing list.

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Giving rides

To keep cars to a minimum, Paul can pickup Robert and Tony (his teammates), and Liron and Max (teammates) to go to IHOP. However at IHOP, we may split up passengers more evenly. The most important part is getting people to IHOP, as any ride changes can be made at IHOP and also at the end of the contest. The way I currently have it set up gives Paul more work in the morning, but less work in the evening (driving people back).

Write comments if you think the arrangement is flawed.

  • Zack can do rides from IHOP to Riverside and then back to Irvine.
    • Marc
    • Max to RCC and back only
  • Matthew can drive from UCI to IHOP, then to Riverside and back to Irvine.
    • Eric
    • Raymond
    • Liron to RCC and back only
  • Paul can drive four people from UCI to IHOP to Riverside and back.
    • Robert
    • Tony
    • Liron to IHOP only
    • Max to IHOP only


Since we don't actually need 4 cars, Robert and Tony could join Paul (since they're a team and paul has more seating)

  • Robert can drive three people from UCI-->IHOP-->Riverside and back.
    • Tony

People who do not need rides

  • Kundai
  • Joseph

Phone Numbers

  • Zack: (607) 329-2154
  • Liron: (408) 621-6667
  • Eric: 323.316.3257
  • Matthew 949 439 3400
  • Raymond: 818 667 3359
  • Max: (650) 279-6813
  • Paul: (661) 444-1363
  • Marc: (619) 203-4662

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