Title says all. If HiT hadn't ruined Season 7 for the US on DVD or TV, here's sort of what I think its DVDs would have looked like. I realize it is the US Season 4 intro (version 1) on a Season 7 DVD, so, I think it all equals out. Enjoy!



  • Malechi Perez: Good job making this intro to US Season 7 Videos/DVDs. Which font you used.
  • ThomasandFriendsRingoStarrAlecBaldwinandMichaelBrandon: I used Rockwell in bold. I picked brown. It suits the intro.
  • Malechi Perez: Which DVD you used this?
  • ThomasandFriendsRingoStarrAlecBaldwinandMichaelBrandon: My fanmade "What's The Matter With Henry? & Other Stories" DVD.
  • ThomasandFriendsUS: Great Job! This version is much better!
  • ThomasandOliverFan: Which program you used to make this version?
  • ThomasandFriendsRingoStarrAlecBaldwinandMichaelBrandon: Sony Vegas.

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