Nukids past

When Nukid was young he grew up on the same island as pirate Monkey D. Luffy. They became like brothers but they both went their seperate ways after Luffy became a pirate and Nukid joined the navy. I was given a chance to train for the CP9, a group of elite assassins who were trained in the Rokushiki, the ultimate martial arts. After years of training Nukid eventually joined along with fellow trainees Maria Scotts, whom he considered a pain. They both immediatly proved their worth to the CP9 and Nukid hoped he could one day defeat Rob Lucci

Nukid and Maria spent years working for them and carrying out assasinations for the government. However on one mission where they were ordered to stop a so called threat, they found all but innocnent people, who had only spoken out against the government. When Maria pleaded with the 100 soldiers to spare them they shot her in the neck. Nukid, who had fallen in love with her, went berserk and killed all hundred soldiers, becoming a criminal

Nukid and Maria's twin sister Sofia were given the chance to leave their world via a sympethetic Balance. Sofia became an Archeologist and searched for a Stone Tablet which contained Darkside secrets. She took Nukid with her as a bodyguard, but when the Zodiacs attacked them for the stone they were forced into hiding

Eventually Nukid with the help of the Author Fighters kills all the Zodiacs and becomes a member

Powers and Abilities

Nukid is the strongest Martial Artist in the Author Fighters. That added with the fact his physical strength is the highest makes him the best a close combat fighting

Nukid knows the Rokushikis. Six techniques which make them superhuman

Kami-e - Literally, paper drawing. A technique in which the user makes their body go limp in order to avoid any attacks, and float like a piece of paper

My variations:

Kami-e origami: This is where when after i dodge an attack i would stretch around their body and bind them

Kami-e sansui (landscape): Instead of thinning portrait i thin landscape instead

Geppou - Literally, moon step. A technique in which the user actually jumps off the air itself, allowing them to stay in the air for much longer than usual

Kamisori: This is a combination of Geppou and Soru. It's basically moving fast in mid air

Rankyaku - Literally, storm leg. A projectile technique in which the user kicks out at very high speeds and strength, sending out a sharp "air blade" that can slice objects and greatly damage a human body

My variations

Rankyaku Shuriken: This is where i fire a cut which changes shape into dozens of shurikens

Rankyaku Sen (line): this is where i fire a cut which is straight instead of curved

Rankayu Kiri (drill): this is where i spin my leg around creating a cut shaped like a drill

Rankyaku Kinsei (balance): This is where is stand on one leg and fire mulitple smaller cuts with the other leg.

Shigan - Literally, finger gun. A technique in which the user pushes their finger into a certain target at very high speed, leaving a wound similar to a bullet wound, making guns unnecessary

My variations

Shigan mashingan(machine gun): This is where i use shigan thousands of times in a second making it like a machine gun

Shigan shottogan(shotgun): This is where i use both hands at the same time to make the wound likie a huge hole

Shigan bachi (plectrum): A projectile version of Shigan that fires sharp air bullets from the fingers

Soru - Literally, to shave. A technique in which the user moves at very high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds

My variations

Soru shinkirou (mirage): This is where i run around an opponent and make it look as if there are dozens of me confusing the enemy

Tekkai - Literally, iron mass. A technique in which the user hardens his or her muscles to be as hard as iron in order to nullify damage taken from attacks

My variations

Tekkai gou (strength): This is where i harden my body even more by standing completely still. This is my strongest Tekkai


Nukid is Sarcastic and tends to be lazy. He rarely overeacts to something and is very down to earth. He's one of the more serious members but deep down he is kind and caring, risking his life to save his freinds


Nukid is very diffrerent to the other Authors in a lot of ways

Nukid is the only Author who doesn't use any kind of weapons or power that uses energy e.g. Magic and ninja skills. He believes that anyone who uses either of them are cowards who are too afraid to fight properly. The only exceptions are DarkMagicianmon, X Prodigy, Ranger24, The Shadow Syndicate and Roscoso who are the only Authors Nukid can't beat from those he's fought (either he drew or he lost)

Nukid loves fighting, stating it's the only time he really feels happy again

Nukid is Narcoleptic. Meaning he tends to fall asleep randomly. Only happens once or twice a day

Nukid is an Atheist. When people ask why he says 'Because I can't see him, in my eyes, or in my heart'

People think he's a pervert. When actually Nukid is just admitting he thinks of sex, and say's there is nothing wrong with admitting that

Current Aliiances

Nukid is part of Team Rysche. The team of Nukid, X prodigy, and Roscoso. Along with Kazuma, Lavi, Church, Washington, Bass, and Deathstroke

Nukids own team is the Hunters. Which consists of Vash, Travis Touchdown, Shego, Drakken, and Rose

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