SUPER DUPER VIDEO: from Count the One to Ten


  • Directed By: Fred Holmes
  • Written By: Stephen White

1 to 10 Sing Along Songs
with 40 Songs

  1. Everyone is Special (Taken from Picture This)
  2. Do Your Ears Hang Low (Taken from Picture This)
  3. The Rainbow Song (Taken from Picture This)
  4. It's Nice Just to Be Me (Taken from Picture This)
  5. When I Grow Up (Taken from I Can Do That)
  6. Bubble Bubble Bath (Taken from I Can Do That)
  7. Rig-a-Jig-Jig (Taken from I Can Do That)
  8. The Honset Ploughman (Taken from Kids Direct: Kids Grow with Music)
  9. Three Little Pigs (Taken from Kids Direct: Mother Goose)
  10. A Frog Went a Courtin (Taken from Wonder Kids: Kids Silly Song Sing Alongs)
  11. There are Seven Days (Taken from Happy Birthday Barney)
  12. On Top of Spagatti (Taken from Tom Glazer Sings Honk-Hiss-Tweet-GGGGGGGGGG And Other Children's Favorites)
  13. She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain (Taken from Disney's Children's Favorites)
  14. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes (Taken from Cedarmont Kids: Preschool Songs)
  15. Ten Little Fishes (Taken from Gone Fishing)
  16. S-M-I-L-E (Taken from Gone Fishing)
  17. Looby Loo (Taken from Wonder Kids: Really Silly Songs)
  18. Kookaburra (Taken from Wonder Kids: Campfire Favorites)
  19. London Town (Taken from Three Wishes)
  20. Mr Knickerbocker (Taken from Three Wishes)
  21. Ring Around the Rosy (Taken from Wonder Kids: Mother Goose Songs)
  22. Make New Friends (Taken from Wonder Kids: Campfire Favorites)
  23. Eyes & Ears (Taken from Wonder Kids: Christian Mother Goose)
  24. I'm H-A-P-P-Y (Taken from Rock-a-Bye Baby)
  25. It's a Great Day (Taken from A Picture of Health)
  26. Wave The Flags (Taken from Red Blue & Circles Too)
  27. Row Row Row Your Boat (Taken from Ship Ahoy)
  28. Just Imagine (Taken from Barney's Imagination Island)
  29. Let's Go on an Adventure (Taken from Ship Ahoy)
  30. Laugh with Me (Taken from Aunt Rachel is Here)
  31. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Taken from Ship Ahoy)
  32. That's What in Island Is (Taken from Ship Ahoy)
  33. Mr Sun (Taken from Four Seasons Day)
  34. Micheal Finnigan (Taken from Ship Ahoy)
  35. We Like Rocks (Taken from Ship Ahoy)
  36. Merry Men (Taken from Shrek)
  37. Clementine (Taken from B Flat the Cat: Children's Campfire Songs)
  38. The Weather Riddle Song (Taken from Barney's Goes to School)
  39. Old Testament Books of the Bible (Taken from Wonder Kids: 30 Bible Songs & 30 Bible Stories)
  40. New Testament Books of the Bible (Taken from Wonder Kids: 30 Bible Songs & 30 Bible Stories)


  • Distributed by Lyrick Studios & Time Life Kids on VHS


  • 103 Minutes


February 1, 2011 VHS / August 2, 2011 DVD


  1. Lyrick Studios FBI Warning
  2. Lyrick Studios Interpol Warning
  3. Please Stay Tuned Bumper (1995-1999)
  4. Barney in Outer Space / It's Time for Counting / Barney's Big Surprise for Barney Fan Club Videos Preview
  5. Barney Song Magic Banjo Commercial
  6. My Party with Barney Preview
  7. Microsoft Actimates Barney Commercial
  8. Barney's Great Adventure Preview
  9. Winnie the Pooh Late 90's Videos Preview
  10. On the Disney Channel Logo
  11. Playhouse Disney: Bear in the Big Blue House Promo (2001)
  12. Playhouse Disney: Out of the Box Commercial (1999)
  13. Playhouse Disney: PB&J Otter Promo (2001)
  14. Playhouse Disney: Rolie Polie Olie Promo (2004)
  15. Playhouse Disney Promo: Soar, Explore, and So Much More
  16. Sing & Dance with Barney Preview
  17. Cyberchase Promo
  18. PBS Kids Ready to Learn: Dragon Tales Ask for Help (2002) Promo
  19. PBS Kids Ready to Learn: Bentween the Lions Sleepover (2004) Promo
  20. PBS Kids Ready to Learn: Arthur Action Pig (2002) Promo
  21. PBS Kids Ready to Learn: Clifford Hide & Seek (2002) Promo
  22. PBS Kids Share a Story: Arthur, D.W, And Pirates Promo
  23. Rugrats Videos Preview
  24. Nickelodeon Logo (1999)
  25. Nick Jr Logo (1999)
  26. Blues Clues Videos Promo
  27. Little Bear Videos Promo
  28. Video Just for Preschool on Nickelodeon Logo
  29. Distributed by Lyrick Studios Logo (1998 Version)
  30. Time Life Kids Logo (1995)
  31. Number Bus Count 1 to 10 Intro & Title Card


  1. Credits (for London Bridge from Chartbuster Karaoke)
  2. Barney Buddies Club Promo
  3. Land of the Million Drum Music Video for Scooby Doo (2002)
  4. And Now Our Special Presatation Logo (Paramount Version)
  5. Scooby Doo Alternate Opening (2002)
  6. Scooby Doo Deleted Scenes (2002) for 15 Minutes

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