This is the Number 14 in the Silly Songs Part 4 for Wonder Kids


  • Directed By: Ben Vaughn
  • Written By: Stephen White

20 Silly Songs Vol 4

(In Appear in Music for 120 Silly Songs)

  1. Found a Peanut
  2. Fiddle Dee Dee
  3. Oh Susana
  4. Mama Don't Allow
  5. Looby Loo
  6. Grandpa's Whriskers
  7. Turkey in the Straw
  8. Reuben and Rachel
  9. There's a Hole in My Bucket
  10. The Prune Song
  11. The Limerick Song
  12. Polly Put the Kettle On
  13. Roll Over
  14. Aiken Drum
  15. Cindy
  16. I Love the Mountains
  17. Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be
  18. Old Man Grumbles
  19. On the Bridge in Avalon
  20. Over the Hills and Far Away


  • Distributed by Lyrick Studios & Time Life Kids on VHS


  • 29 Minutes


October 5, 2010 VHS / April 5, 2011 DVD


  1. Lyrick Studios FBI Warning
  2. Lyrick Studios Interpol Warning
  3. Distributed by Lyrick Studios Logo (1998 Version)
  4. Time Life Kids Logo (1995)
  5. Number Bus Number 14: Silly Songs Vol 4 Intro & Title Card


  1. Credits (for Barney's 1-2-3-4 Seasons)
  2. It's Time for Counting Preview
  3. Mother Goose Rock N' Rhyme Preview
  4. Groundling Marsh Preview
  5. Barney's Adventure Bus Preview
  6. Distributed by Lyrick Studios Logo (1998 Version)

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