Bastard Greyhawk character
Number Nine
Homeland Unknown
Gender Male
Race Flesh golem
Born Unknown
Died N/A
Alignment Neutral

Number Nine, also known as Fester, is a sentient flesh golem who sometimes accompanies Lord Dunsith.

Number Nine was portrayed by Mike Robison.


Number Nine is a flesh golem standing some eight feet tall, with a large numeral "9" scarred into his chest. Unlike most flesh golems, Number Nine has limited intelligence, and can even speak, though he seems to have the understanding of a small child.


Number Nine was once a member of adventuring company known as the Flamebringers, and is believed to have been created by the wizard Keraptis, or by someone imitating the mage. He also seems to be on good terms with Lord Dunsith, and may even be under Dunsith's control. During Greyhawk's Champion's Games of 595, Number Nine was a member of Auric's Warband, aiding Auric and Khellek as part of a trio of flesh golems called the Leatherworks. The other two flesh golems are believed to have been non-intelligent, and all are believed to have been supplied by Dunsith.


Number Nine's early history is unknown. He was discovered by the Flamebringers (Aladrin, Dorak, Iladrina, Riff, Roderick, Saldrom, Sinsower, and Windsong) in Readying of 580 in White Plume Mountain, as part of a riddle orchestrated by a being calling himself Keraptis. The riddle consisted of a group of five flesh golems, each with a number carved into its chest (5, 7, 9, 11, and 13); choosing the correct number would result in that golem serving the party, while choosing the wrong one would mean the flesh golems would attack. The rogue Sinsower determined correctly that nine was not a prime number, and the golem, appropriately dubbed "Number Nine" by the party, joined the band.

Number Nine adventured with the Flamebringers until Coldeven of 580, when he was "slain" by a shadow demon in Castle Ravenloft, on the Demiplane of Dread. Upon escaping the plane, Number Nine's body was buried somewhere in the Vesve Forest, alongside fellow casualty, Brenton.

Number Nine's body was later retrieved and returned to "life" by the archmage Almax in Harvester of 580. The flesh golem (now calling himself "Fester") then joined Sinsower on a quest into wildspace to rescue fellow Flamebringers Aladrin, Disindat, Dorak, and Gerdacyr, who had been ambushed and sold into slavery by their old enemies, the Slave Lords.

Number Nine eventually returned to Oerth in 581, but was not among his fellow Flamebringers during the Vecna Affair of that year. The flesh golem's next recorded appearance was in Brewfest of 595, during Greyhawk's Champion's Games. During Ready'reat of that same year, he was seen with Lord Dunsith in Alhaster. How Number Nine and Dunsith met is unknown, nor is it known if the flesh golem is magically controlled or serves Dunsith willingly.


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