Numbuh 274 was, according to legend,

The greatest KND till a betrayal.

the greatest KND ever until he betrayed the Kids Next Door.


We know Numbuh 274, A.K.A. Chad Dickson, has a mother and a father, who are known as Mega-Mom and Dyno-Dad. They are the two worst villains the Kids Next Door have ever encountered. In fact, they froze every member except Numbuh 274.

Kids Next Door

We know, like most operatives, Numbuh 274 went to the KND's Antarctic training base, where he was known as Chad till his graduation. According to Operation E.N.D., he run the show there. Then he graduated and started working his way up quickly through levels of KND promotions. Eventually, by age 13, he was Supreme Commander of the KND.


Numbuh 274 decided he had to run the show. He thought he had built the KND, that they couldn't survive without him. So he hacks into the mainframe and changes his age. Even though he tells his parents that he don't want a party, they still send out invitations to Sectors V and Q. Then Numbuh 1 opened an envelope he had been using as a weapon. It was one of the party invitations. Then Numbuh 1 explains everything to Numbuh 86. Numbuh 274, still operating the main frame, detaches the moonbase to head into the sun. Numbuh One and what's left of his memory-wiped team hijack the shuttle pod from which Chad is towing the base into the sun. Numbuh 4 and Tommy Gilligan fly the shuttle pod back to the moon and reattach the base.

Anti-KND activities

After being arrested and sent to decommisioning, Cree breaks a wall with her spacecraft. It happens to be the one to the hall where Chad is walking. Cree tells Chad her plan, which is the one Chad just attempted to pull off. Chad gets in the craft. Sometime afterwards, Chad and the Jets, his evil helpers, try to bomb the moonbase with a "foot-bomb". There is a game in the high school of a craft the Jets and Chad are using. Numbuh 4's stupidy causes him to throw down the "foot-bomb" after he scores a touchdown.

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