Numbuh 2 Vs Henrietta Von Marzipan and The 8th Commandent is a Codename: Kids Next Door/The Simpsons Parody Episode.


  • Numbuh 2 as Homer
  • Numbuh 5 as Marge
  • The Kid as Bart
  • Henrietta Von Marzipan as Lisa
  • and more


  • The Kid: Ay Caramba!
  • Numbuh 2: The Kid!
  • The Kid: Hoagie!
  • Numbuh 5: What's gotten into Heiny?
  • The Kid: She beats de Infierno out of me!
  • Numbuh 2: The Kid!
  • Numbuh 2: Oh look at it this way, When you have gone to search the rarest candies, Did you pay for it?
  • Henrietta Von Marzipan: Nein.
  • Numbuh 2: And did you pay for those clothes and a monocle you're wearing?
  • Henrietta Von Marzipan: Nein, I didn't.
  • Numbuh 2: Well, run the hills, Ma Parker, before I call the feds.
  • Henrietta Von Marzipan: Herr Two, I zink zat is spurious.
  • Numbuh 2: Well, thank you Henrietta Von Marzipan.

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