is a game of Nintendo Gamecube to release in September 2005. Numbuh 1 to plan alert attack have like evil villain named Toiletnator to gets plan of monsters like to...Army of Zyu2 Monsters from created by Toiletnator, and also Father to lead 4Kids TV Villains to destroy as...Numbuh 1 for good. cannot save the world for the destruction of the hero Numbuh 1!.


Numbuh 1 to the against the villains to takedown to forever to lead army by...Father from K.N.D.

Walkthrough 1 (Magical Doremi)

Numbuh 1 travels into...Doremi's Dimension, to first plan happened to helped with Dorie Reanne and Mirabelle to gets destroy Dorie Clone at Doremi Magic Shop, and finally Numbuh 1 defeats Dorie Goodwyn the Evil Clone, to head back so, so Numbuh 1 enters the Classroom to plan helped The Classmates to when...Dark Oak from the Metarex's Army. Numbuh 1 leads back to fight with Dark Oak in the Doremi's Classroom, and defeated Dark Oak to by lead Numbuh 1 to everyone OK Classmates to says Goodbye to the stop of next into as...Mew Mew Power's Dimension.

Walkthrough 2 (Mew Mew Power)

Numbuh 1 into a fight the ominous Kish, to defeats Kish to Numbuh 1 feels into accidently several of boulders, to Kish saids "Numbuh 1 Are You OK", Numbuh 1 to calls to the kiss crush on Kish, so Numbuh 1 next travel into as...Winx's Dimension.

Walkthrough 3 (Winx Club)

Numbuh 1 to puts into a under fight with...Icy from The Trix. to Numbuh 1 defeats Icy. to Numbuh 1 to the next travel as...Sonic's World. to Numbuh 1 told that as says "Dr. Eggman isn't Not A Final Boss". is only have Final Boss named...Dark Oak! from the Metarex's Army.

Walkthrough 4 (Sonic X)

Numbuh 1 to helped girlfriend named Cosmo the Seedrian, so Numbuh 1 prepares to battle with Dark Oak. to Numbuh 1 beats Dark Oak, to chasing Numbuh 1 to runs away with helped Cosmo from Dark Oak to gets Mad for Numbuh 1, to out of the base, so Cosmo the Seedrian calls for A Date to Big Kiss for Numbuh 1 to have going on A Date in School, Numbuh 1 to next travels into...TMNT's Dimension.

Walkthrough 5 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003)

Numbuh 1 to enters into Shredder's Headquarters, Numbuh 1 to puts into a fight with Hun. so Numbuh 1 defeats Hun, Numbuh 1 to final plan to Fight known as...The Shredder. so Numbuh 1 to defeating Shredder to good of the this to end to plan last to best Numbuh 1 ever to next travels into as...One Piece's Dimension.

Walkthrough 6 (One Piece)

Numbuh 1 to the challenge fight with as...Whetton. and so, Numbuh 1 to defeat Whetton. to Numbuh 1 to next travels into as...Last done to end mission of plan as...GI Joe Sigma 6's Dimension.

Walkthrough 7 (GI Joe Sigma 6)

Numbuh 1 to puts a fight end as...Cobra Commander. to Numbuh 1 defeated Cobra Commander.

The Last Walkthrough (Final Boss) Father

Numbuh 1 puts into fight as The Final Boss to at...Father from KND. and so, Numbuh 1 Defeats Father to runs away to defeating villains to plan won, You Won Numbuh 1! to great.

The Alternate Ending of Numbuh 1 of the K.N.D. as Dark Oak

Dark Oak tries to Numbuh 1 to killing it to wants to get a cake as...Wedding Guest of Monsters to channel by Jetix Toon Disney in 2005 to get plan into than as Valentine's Day. to Dark Oak ruins into the get into after Get...Kill Numbuh 1 of the K.N.D.!!.


Boss Battles in the 4Kids TV's Shows

4Kids TV Show 1: Magical Doremi

Battle 1 Dorie Clone

Battle 2 Dark Oak

4Kids TV Show 2 Mew Mew Power

Battle 1 Kish

4Kids TV Show 3 Winx Club

Battle 1 Icy

4Kids TV Show 4 Sonic X

Battle 1 Dark Oak

4Kids TV Show 5 TMNT 2003

Battle 1 Hun

Battle 2 Shredder

4Kids TV Show 6 One Piece

Battle 1 Whetton

4Kids TV Show 7 GI Joe Sigma 6

Battle 1 Cobra Commander

The Final End of Battle

Final Boss Battle Father (from KND)

A Special Prizing Big Surprise as...November 19 2005

a big surprise prize from...4Kids TV Shout Out! in Sonic X Episode Station Break-In. present...Return of the Base.

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