Nutmeg is a talking Scottish terrier who is Miss Magic's pet dog. In a pilot episode of The New Adventures of The Mr Men Show, it was revealed that everyone in Dillydale could not understand what he said at first, except to Miss Magic. Then, Miss Magic casts her rhyming spell on her friends with a wave of her wand to make them be able to talk to Nutmeg like herself. Before they knew it, the Mr Men and Little Misses can understand what Nutmeg is saying. Soon, for the rest of the episodes, Nutmeg is Dillydale's first talking dog.


Nutmeg is a smart, cunning, brilliant, clever and an intelligent fast talking Scottish terrier. He claims himself as Miss Magic's best friend and canine assistant during her shows. Despite being sarcastic, cynical, gruff, fussy, bitter and grumpy at times, he has a heart of gold. He dislikes Mr Rude when he farts and he often shouts his name most of the times when he does that. Being a dog, he also hates cats. He's always there when Miss Magic needs him. Most of the times, when Miss Magic teleports, he usually grumbles saying "Man, could you do something else besides doing that trick?" However, he still likes her and cares for her. He speaks with an African American accent just like Mr. Messy. Like Mr. Messy, he loves sock cheeses and often says "Shazam!" when he's excited or surprised about something. He also dislikes being dirty, due to his persnickety personality similar to Mr. Fussy. Also, when Miss Chatterbox talked a lot, he often told her to keep it down and zip it at times. However, he is friends with her. He gets scared of Miss Scary's masks most of the time, even though that she always told him that being scary is fun. Nutmeg replies by saying that being less scary is more fun than scaring people around.

I'm Not a Rabbit!:

Nutmeg is usually mistaken for a rabbit because of his black pointy ears, even though he is a dog. People knew that rabbits have that kind of ears, because rabbits are a magic icon. When people asks, informs and tells him that he was a rabbit, he gets annoyed easily and growls angrily, saying that he is not a rabbit. He also says that animals that weren't rabbits can also help a magician, too. He always says "Yes, I have pointy ears. But as you can see, I ain't no rabbit! Other animals are capable of helping a magician, too. Remember, I AM A DOG! If any of you people say that I'm a rabbit again, I'mma bite your butts! Which means I'm going to let you eat my dust!"


(After Miss Magic says "Sometimes my magic surprises even me!") Yeah, you always say that. Magic can be surprising.

(After Miss Magic says "Isn't it Amazing") Yeah, whatever. and Well, duh! (most of the time) Yes it is. (occasionally)

(After Miss Magic pulls him out of her hat) Ow! Easy with the ears!

(Usually when he's doing something important) Go away! I'm busy!

(To Mr. Scatterbrain): Mr. Scatterbrain, you nincompoop! Where's your head? Use your noodles!

What are you talking about? (to person he was addressing)


Some people take pride in cleanliness, others take pride in filth. Right, Mr. Fussy?

Mr. Fussy: Right, Nutmeg. You are just like me.

Nutmeg: I couldn't agree more.

(When Mr Bounce bounces and Mr Scatterbrain and Mr Tickle sing and do the "Tickle it Out" song) I'm surrounded by nitwits!

(growling) Those people know just how to annoy me sometimes!

He will be voiced by Jamie Foxx

In an interview, Jamie Foxx says "Wow! This is actually hysterical! I got to play a Scottish dog with an African American accent! That was supposed to be jumping the line, but it's fun to make a Scottish dog talk with an Afro American accent!"


Nutmeg always helps Miss Magic while performing in her shows. However, in the episode "Nutmeg's New Act", he tells Miss Magic that he is bored to do the same thing by assisting her during her magic shows, so he wanted to try something new, which is getting shot out of a cannon. While Miss Daredevil was thrilled to see him get shot out of the cannon the next day, the rest of the Mr Men and Little Misses were not so sure. Each of them asks him various questions about his new act. He replies cooly, saying that he will be all right. Unfortunately, he looses his nerve at the last second and is fired into a mountain. Luckily, the Mr Men and Little Misses went to Miss Magic, who was busy polishing her top hat at that moment, and tells her to come and help him. Using her magic, she pops out above Nutmeg, who was hanging on for dear life, shouting for help. Miss Magic tells him that everything will be all right and a nervous Nutmeg says yes. She helped him get down from the mountain. When Nutmeg looked down, he screamed again, but Miss Magic says "I've got you, Nutmeg. It's all right, just don't look down." Finally, Miss Magic and Nutmeg reached the ground safely. Then Nutmeg says, "Hey, I can do this while performing with you during your magic act. I will be your assistant who will be shot out of a cannon!" So during their next performance, Miss Magic performs her usual tricks while getting a little help from Nutmeg, who was her animal cannonball star assistant.


T Shirts:

Grumpy looking Nutmeg with his cynical, sarcastic, gruff and bitter words "Ask Me if I Care!"

Miss Magic laughs while Nutmeg licks her in the face with the words "I'm a Magician's Best Friend!"

Singing Nutmeg with the words "Everything is Beautiful Cause I'm Just Me!"

Nutmeg next to a set of bagpipes with the words "I'm from Scotland, but I Ain't No Bagpipe Player! Just Give Me a Boombox!"

Plush toys:

Nutmeg plush toy

Miss Magic and Nutmeg plush set

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