Nutmeg and Friends is a spin off series of The Mr Men Show that stars Nutmeg the Scottish terrier and all of his animal friends in Dillydale.


Nutmeg and his friends have a lot of fun adventures with their Mr Men and Little Miss owners and friends.


Nutmeg: Nutmeg is a smart and clever talking Scottish terrier who is also sometimes strict, grumpy and fussy. He is Miss Magic's pet dog and the leader of his group of animal friends in Dillydale. Besides helping Miss Magic with her show as her assistant, he can also sing and dance. Sometimes, he thinks that performing magic tricks can be boring for him and he also knows that he is just an ordinary dog and cannot recite spells and perform tricks in his normal life, although he can help Miss Magic a little bit. He also loves to do his cannon act. His cannon act was a substitute and an alternative for his magic act. Voiced by Jamie Foxx

Bunko: Bunko is a monkey with good attitude. He is cheerful and very civilised. He is owned by Mr. Scatterbrain. He is surprisingly a very good actor. Voiced by Ben Stiller

Pen: Pen is a kangaroo who loves everyone. He is very friendly, but sometimes can be very hyperactive. He is also owned by Mr. Scatterbrain. He can perform acrobatic stunts and a trapeze act. Voiced by Ashton Kutcher

Lester: A miniature pinscher who likes to eat pizza. He is Nutmeg's second best friend and is owned by Mr. Messy. Like Mr. Messy, sometimes, he can be very messy. He can play the drums. Voiced by Owen Wilson

Pinky: A chameleon who is very cheerful, just like Bunko. She is owned by Miss Sunshine. She is very skilled in kung fu and karate. Voiced by Christina Ricci

Featherhead: A chatterbox canary who sometimes talks without thinking. She is owned by Miss Chatterbox. She loves to tell jokes, but sometimes, her jokes weren't even hilarious. Voiced by Dakota Fanning

Ferdinand: A clumsy frog who is also accident prone. He is surprisingly a very good mime and clown. He is owned by Miss Calamity. Voiced by Adam Sandler

Sluggy: A lazy slug who doesn't like to work that much. He is owned by Mr. Lazy. Despite being lazy at times, he is also known for his talent in stand up comedy. Voiced by Justin Timberlake

Waylon: Like Sluggy, he is a kind but lazy goat. He is Nutmeg's best friend and is also owned by Mr. Lazy. He is a very good juggler. Voiced by Jim Cummings

Trixie: A pretty goat who is Nutmeg's girlfriend. She can be very shy at times, but she is always friendly and polite. She is owned by Mr. Quiet. She has a beautiful singing voice and often sings with Nutmeg, especially in duets. She also likes to sing with all her other friends and dances along with them. Voiced by Miranda Cosgrove

McMillan: A tortoise who speaks with a Scottish accent. Like Nutmeg, he can be very grumpy at times, but he is still kind towards his friends. He is also owned by Mr. Lazy. He surprisingly loves to sing and dance, just like Nutmeg and Trixie. Voiced by Dan Castellaneta

Finnegan: Finnegan (Finny for short) is a muscle bound hippo who is also very strong. He is owned by Mr. Strong. Like Mr. Strong, sometimes he doesn't even know his own strength. He can lift weights. Voiced by Seth Green

Mabel: A diabolical hamster who likes to watch horror movies. She is owned by Miss Scary. Like Miss Scary, she loves to play tricks on her friends by scaring them with her masks. Her talents are fire breathing and knife throwing. Voiced by Melissa Joan Hart.

Mary: A caring rabbit who is Nutmeg's sister. She lives together with Nutmeg and is also owned by Miss Magic. She loves to perform magic tricks while she was onstage with Nutmeg and Miss Magic and loves being Miss Magic's assistant. Like Nutmeg, she is just and ordinary rabbit. Voiced by Mila Kunis


Despite the show's title and name, the Mr Men and Little Misses from The Mr Men Show also appeared in this series.

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