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Nutri Ventures (also known as Nutri Ventures – The Quest for the 7 Kingdoms) is a Portuguese TV series produced by the Nutri Ventures Corporation that is currently distributed through Hulu Kids The show puts an emphasis on healthy eating habits for children and adults and in 2014 the Nutri Ventures Corporation signed a deal with Partnership for a Healthier America  to show episodes of Nutri Ventures in North American classrooms. Nutri Ventures is set in a city where the only available food source is a strange chemical named "Genex 100", forcing its main characters to search out healthier food options.

The show is aired in 23 countries, is targeted towards children between the ages of four to ten, and promotes itself as the first children's show to be created "from scratch to promote healthy eating to combat childhood obesity".

The show follows Theo, Lena, Ben, and Nina, four friends that live in a city where food doesn't exist and all citizens are forced to eat Genex-100, a high calorie compound available only via the Grand Corporation. Things have been like this ever since Alex Grand, owner of the Grand Corporation, ordered all alternative food sources destroyed thirty years ago. He did not succeed in fully destroying all other food options, as the nutritionist Nexus helped preserve seven food groups by enlisting seven Nutri- Guardians with the task of hiding and protecting these foods from Alex's wrath. As the children seek out these seven Nutri- Guardians and try new, healthier food options, they must still defend themselves and the foods from Alex and the Grand Corporation, who want them permanently destroyed. Things are made somewhat easier after the children eat the foods and experience various benefits of healthy eating.


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