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Nvwls (which means Novowelese in English) is a language spoken in shop. The language is spoken by saying each letter in a word, excluding the vowels.


English: "Hello, How are you today?"

Nvwls: "Hll, Hw r you tdy?"

The Letter Y

The letter Y can be a confusing aspect of Nvwls for some people. If the letter Y is used as a vowel, such as in the word "cybersex", you do NOT say it. If it is used as a consonent, such as in the phrase "yea boi", you DO say it.


English: "Wanna cyber? Yea Boi!"

Nvwls: "Wnn cbr? Y b!"

Special Rules

You: One exception to this rule is the word "you". Instead of saying "y", you simply say "u". It makes it much more understandable when speaking to other Nvwlts.

Like: Another special word is "like". When speaking in Nvwls, you simply say "lyk".

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