Nyarlathotep is the true name of one of the Archdemons of the Netherworld. In particular, he is Asmodeus' second-in-command. He is one of the archvillains of the Tetraverse story.

Nyarlathotep travels to many reaches of the cosmos to cause chaos and havoc among different civilizations. His goal is directly opposed to that of the Almarians - he seeks to corrupt civilizations that they wish to protect. In this sense, Nyarlathotep is more directly involved in the Great War than his master.

Forms and Avatars

Nyarlathotep is infamous among the Almarians for his ability to change into a seemingly infinite amount of forms and avatars. This makes it incredibly difficult for them to track and identify him, as he can move about the cosmos at will and appear different in each location.

Some of his forms include:

  • Black Mass: A continuously shapeshifting cloud of black smoke.
  • Dark Man: Appears as a middle-aged Earthling wearing jeans and a leather jacket with various peace symbols. His eyes are a dark black.
  • Black Knight: A towering figure clad in dark armor who ravages the battlefield with black lightning.
  • Obsidian Whisp: Appears to be a misty congregation of bones and smog. Used when Nyarlathotep travels to different worlds.


Nyarlathotep is responsible for the fall of numerous civilizations formerly under the protection of the Almarians. In particular, he was able to convince the Korellians that the Aesir were false gods who are a plague to the galaxy, thus putting the Korellians into direct conflict with the Aesir.

Many of Nyarlathotep's activities have gone unrecorded, either where he failed at his duty or where his influence has not been identified as a cause to a civilization's downfall. More importantly, his exploits on Borendil had a direct influence on the events of the Great Plague and the later Borendil Wars.


Pursuit from the Almarians is often not a major problem for Nyarlathotep since he can easily evade them. However, interferance by the Voidgod Vorvadoss has halted Nyarlathotep's schemes on multiple occasions.


Nyarlathotep was inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft character of the same name.

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