The Nymphzoa are a unique race found in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Future Universe.


As each of the vast colony ships headed towards distant stars, carrying their untold numbers of human cargo, they also carried with them many fauna and flora from their native world. It was hoped that these animals could be settled on those distant worlds, where although habitable, their ecosystems could be far removed from the expectations and traditions of earth. By carrying with them these animals, the settling humans hoped to create far more familiar environments, where they could live their lives in similarity to the ones their ancestors lived on Terra.

Each of the vast Colony Ships carried at least one Environment Deck – an entire floor spanning from one end of the ship to the other – dedicated to simulating the environments of these animals. Some echoed the vast fields of rural life, whilst others tamed the savage grasslands of lost savannahs. In all were placed a delicate structure of carnivores and herbivores, their food pyramid closely watched to ensure the dominance of one species would not destroy another.

For a time, it was good. The animals provided fresh game and food for the people, and for those that could remember their distant home-world, a sense of contentment.

It was not to last.

With the gradual buil-up of radiation that occured on every ship in all Fleets, mutation and change first began to spread throughout all living things onboard - including the animals. Entire generations were skipped, evolutionary gains progressed in matters of days, rather than years. Strange and bizzare new species began to manifest, and with horror their forever keepers turned their backs on them, sealing off the Environmental Decks and condemming their former wards to their eventual death.

But, as the radiation ceased flowing and a tainted normality returned to the ship, so to did a sence of evolutionary calm descend upon those tainted animals. They had at last gained sentience, and bodies and forms not unlike their former human masters. This new race, born from the madness of men, now seeks to establish its own identity amongst the stars, and perhaps a few of the darker willed ones seek to strike out at their former captors ...

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