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The Nyrie people physicly resemble Mosians in many important ways such as bodily form, locomotion, and use of verbal comunication. However, they are furless except for a collection on the top of the head and over the eyes. The most interesting difference is that all members of these people are females except for a giant, paternal, tree creature they refere to as "father." Oddly enough there is no mother and the relationship between the father tree and his daughters is not fully understood except that most perfer to make their home on or around him.


Not much is known of their origins or the way they have spent their existence. It is speculated that the giant, hollow, oak tree they know as father really did bring them into existence, baring them as fruit from it's branches. They have only been recently discovered because of their nummerous colonies as they have decided to branch out and explore the rest of the world. (Mostly because overcrowding has apearently become a problem.)


From our encounters, The Nyrie seem a arogent people, as they see only their way of life as being enlightened and the only way to live true to one's self. Besides this view they are mostly opened and friendly. They are not unworthy of respect, however, and will defend themselves and have no misgivings about fighting.

Their dellings are only to be found in thick forests Where they use connecting wooden skywalks and primitive elevators to move from the top of the highest trees to the ground.

How they reproduce is unknown, but we believe that they are grown from their tree father.

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