BattleChip Data
Alt. Namesnone
HP40 (x10sec)
ElementIconelemless None
ComponentsCannon A
Cannon B
Cannon C
Cannon D
Cannon E
GamesBattle Network 1

The O-Canon1 (alternatively Omega-Cannon1) is one the simplest 5-chip Program Advance MegaMan can form. Using five Cannon chips, A through E, will Advance to O-Canon1.

Like the other Advances in the Omega series, O-Canon1 allows MegaMan to utilize the chip used to create it for a full 10 seconds. Even if you return to the Chip Select screen, you are granted the full 10 seconds for use of O-Canon1.

O-Canon1 acts just like a Cannon chip: the first enemy in the line of fire is hit for 40 damage. This may be repeated as much (or as little) as you want over a period of 10 seconds.

BattleChip Data
MegaMan Battle Network - Program Advance
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BattleChip Data

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