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Get off my Lawn - Hell Edition - Design

Languard's combat system version 1:

Sample char (with the exception of health and spirit, numbers are random)

  • Health: 200
  • Spirit: 200
  • Physical Attack: 10
  • Physical Defense:7
  • Spirit Attack: 3
  • Spirit Defense: 3
  • Channeling Skills:
  • Physical Attack: 3
  • Physical Defense:2
  • Spirit Attack: 1
  • Spirit Defense: 1
  • Weapon: Lesser Boneshard Sword (PA: 3 SA: 1)
  • Armor: Demonskin Hawian Shirt (PD:1 SD: 6)

Health and Spirit are static numbers, they never change.

Health <= 0 means player respawns in the nearest friendly lawn Spirit <= 0 means perma death?

Each point of attack or defense = a range.

  • PA 5 - 15
  • PD 9 - 11
  • SA 5 - 15
  • SD 15 - 20

Damage = (RND(attack range) * attack points) - (RND(defense range) * defense points) Less than 0 means no damage, it does not heal.

Players can create skills. Each skill can contribute to any of the four values. Log cost? Havn't thought on that part much. The cost is reduced spirit. Maybe health? 'Permant' effects last until you enter a safe zone and are very costly. Durable effects can last up to 10 combat rounds. Log scale again? Base 5? Instants have a 0 duration, and are active for that turn only. An instant cast 5 times over 5 turns should be cheaper than the same effect cast once for 5 rounds.

No xp, the channeling skills level up with use.

Items: Bone, Skin, and Spirit are used to make items. Hanv't thought much more on this. Drinking tea restores spirit, eating carrots restores health. Both items can be grown in lawn areas. It takes 10 of a lesser item to make the next tier

Fragment -> Bone -> Bundle -> Barrel
Scrap -> Strip -> Sheet -> Crate
Spirit Gems:
Shard -> Crystal -> Gem -> Flawless


  • Base level - the lowest the demon force can get
  • Demon Force - The higher this is, the greater the chance of a demon (fight)
  • Intensity - How intense the force is. Controls the difficulty of fights


  • Fragment - 50 HP/SP, 0.75 xp multiplyer
  • Lesser - 100 HP/SP, 1.00 xp multiplyer
  • Normal - 200 HP/SP, 1.15 xp multiplyer
  • Greater - 300 HP/SP, 1.5 xp multiplyer
  • Lord - 500 HP/SP, 3.0 xp multiplyer

By xp multiplyer I mean the hidden 'xp' that skills get when used.

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