Get of my Lawn - Hell Edition

The current theme is based off of Tachyon's idea. To quote: "No zombies and devils!!! I always thought it would be cool to have a game where you began by dying and then you had to fight your way out of the underworld and back to life. Defeat, along the way, would just throw you back to the bottom of the pit."

Here is how I've (Languard) expanded it so far:

  • The world was destroyed by chaos
  • Everything got pulled into the hell dimension
  • Chaos corrupted everything in the process
  • The demons are mad because they suddenly have all these mortals that they can't eat because of chaos on their lawns. Yes, demons have lawns. And they make people trim them with those old-fashion push cutters. That and scissors.
  • The mortals are upset because the demons keep killing them, which makes them rematerialize back at this one grassy area.
  • Bits and pieces of the mortal world have become embedded in the hell dimension. Needless to say the mortals want the demons off of their lawns.
  • Goals for the game can include:
    • Making sure the lawns stay demon free
    • Take over the demon lawns
    • Escape from this mad house into a different and (hopefully) saner dimension
  • Health can be regained by eating various carrot dishes?
  • 'Mana' can be regained by drinking various teas?

Please add any ideas you have. If you have questions about someone else's ideas, or want to talk about an idea before adding in, use the discussion page.

Hellmap wip

Prototype Map

Old Timer Games

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