OTH/Dinotopia Crossover is a new fanfic coming soon to OTF. It will be written by rjandheather and crosses Over The Hedge with author James Gurney's popular book series "Dinotopia".


The story starts two years after the events of the OTH movie. The animals have been living a happy life. RJ is loving every moment with his new family. He has also fallen in love with Heather, and they have been dating since the raccoon joined the family. Lots of things have happened since RJ came. One of the biggest things is that they've made a new friend, a young adult human named David Carter. At 28 years old, David is very wealthy and has recently purchased a home in the development of El Rancho Camelot. He discovered the animals eating in his kitchen one night, but instead of trying to kill them, he realized that he could speak to them and thus befriended them. Now, David takes the gang on a little flight in his plane. But, during a cross over the ocean, the plane is enveloped in a storm and crashes on an unknown island. David is knocked out and appears to be dead. The animals go off, thinking their friend is dead. Soon, they encounter living dinosaurs. During the first part of their adventure, they realize that they are on an island called Dinotopia, where humans and dinosaurs coexist together in harmony. The animals now have to learn to become Dinotopians. As this is happening, Dinotopia's power sources began to fail and the animals have to find new sources. They go through great peril, but succeed, and in the end, learn that David was not dead after all. He then goes on to become a Dinotopian himself.

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