Oasis Care are a care centre which clone the people who are put into there care after this is done. They then kill the real person they have cloned. There are still clones of real people now walking the number could be anything from around 100 to 200.


Becky Miles was first put in there care and found there was something really wrong about this. She was never allowed out the house she was staying in and also was not allowed to speak with anyone on the outside world. She was gave teaching from inside the house. Later that year she heard of the group called Rivers and told them about what she suspected was going on behind closed doors. However they didnt take much interest. It was only when more research was done into a man named Kang Davison they found that it was a clone centre.


Becky Miles manage to escape once again and Oasis didn't want her talking about this to anyone she was looked after by the Rivers. Who found that Oasis care wanted her back. After awhile Becky Miles took cover and ran out of Devon to escape Oasis Care. Later on that year it was closed down by the Rivers who manage to blow the centre up and stop anymore of this work going on. Its workers and Kang Davison went away and there were not heard of again.


The Name Oasis Care once again came up this time down in Australia after it was found to be doing its work again this time in Melbourne it was the Sixth River who was aware of this all ready being told what went on in 2002 she didnt think twice to put a stop to there operations who were once again being done by Kang Davison. This time Steph Colledge was the one who took care of them. She manage to shutdown there operations and also reported it to the goverment. They also sent Kang Davison to Prison as for the rest of his work it was taken and is now stored in Area 51 where it cannot be touched or be a threat to members of the public who might become victims of Oasis Care.

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