The Rivers however no do not have any transport and are also stuck on how they will manage to save Becky Miles from Oasis. Scott Curtis thinks its best that him along with two strongest members come this being Keith Rainer and Maria Hart together all ready aware the base is down in Townquay plan to make there move towards the base. Soon they come to the base and plan a way inside. Scott tells them if they are clones inside they will want to hide them and suspects there could be a underground entrance because Clones do need somewhere cool to live. The group use the underground pipes and find the way inside as they go up they face off with many people trying to stop them. Quickly they take down all the men downstairs and make a plan to use the lift to head upstairs to where they suspect Becky is being held captive. As they use the lift they it comes to a stop on the the 4th Floor. Being a total of 20 floors they jump out and plan on heading up the stairs.

Soon they reach the 18th floor and find it is locked. Keith quickly smashes down the door and they head up to the 19th floor. Which is the holding room. They are meet by the likes of Steven Hills along with the rest of the group holding Becky. Soon as they are about to fight in battle they are meet by another man called Kang Davison they find the last name interesting because of Emma. Scott however knows who he is and is aware of them meeting before but that time Kang was only a small child who he saved.

Scott warns him that he is the First River who was able to beat Dr Regan when he was down in Melbourne he uses this as a fear trick which does not work. He also tells him how when he was Emma Smith he saved his life. There is no way to avoid it and a fight breaks out. A clone starts making its attack. Scott with the help of Maria and Keith quickly take care of it. The group fight back at Oasis. They are to strong and Becky makes her escape with the group.

They all quickly head outside of Oasis Care however Steven Hills along with the rest comes chasing them behind. Trying to stop them from getting away.

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