The group manage to escape Oasis Care who have been chasing them Scott, Keith along with Maria and Becky thinks its best to head to Kingsteigton along the same route that was taken on the first night that Scott Curtis and Maria Hart first meet they quickly run back towards Kingsteigton as they do this Maria trips up on the floor. Scott all ready knows what could be coming. Keith Rainer pick up Maria and they start walking along however this time Scott also feel weak and he has to take a break. As they do this they look to see what is Emma Davison coming towards them. Keith looks at her and can tell that something really isn't right with her.

Scott stands up and looks at her as he does she shouts. All the Rivers must die right here and right now. Soon a fight break out between them and Barry Charles quickly runs to get a hold of Maria. Becky reacts at the right moment and as she hits him a train comes and Barry is hit by it. After Barry is hit by the train Emma passes out on the floor. Together Scott and Keith and Becky all manage to carry them back down the base.

Once there Scott calls Zack and Stacy and tells them what has just taken place. Maria starts to wake up and looks at Emma who is passed out. She warns this is a effect of what Barry can do and there is only one cure. Scott with Keith and Becky look at her she tells them they need something called River Water the effect is called Cuts Coma and unless treatment is found soon Emma with die.

Soon the whole group meets back at The Kingsteigton base and they plan how they can save Emma before she dies. The only place which might have it is Langdon Hospital however getting in isn't easy or getting back out again. Scott however changes his ideas and tells its best he get Emma to a doctor maybe they can slow down the death. Becky along with Zack and Maria and also Stacy plan to head down to Langdon Hospital.

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