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I admit that Barack Obama is a great orator, capable of laying down rhetoric that cuts through expectations, shreds political assumptions, and simultaneously exposes gutter politics and moves people to a higher place than that gutter.

But we must be vigilant that his actions are what ultimately speak for him, and that those not be hidden behind carefully constructed rhetoric.

For these reasons, and the fact that I have read some alarming truths about this so-called leader, I am creating this space to collect the nuggets of truth that paint a more honest picture. Hopefully the portrait established here will be so accurate as to be predictive of an Obama presidency, since he is probably the most likely person to become the next President of the United States of America.

Please understand that this space is not intended to be an all-inclusive picture of Obama, but rather one that takes a watchdog stance. Robust evidence that undermines claims made in this space is welcome as part of a truth-seeking dialogue, but please don't overwhelm the space with closed-minded spin in favor of your candidate. Together, let's follow the money, and the record, of this public figure who may very well be our next President.

The Democratic Party has demonstrated its unwillingness to hold this Republican administration accountable to the people... so there is zero reason to expect them to hold a Democratic administration accountable.

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