• Obama the #1 tank engine
  • McCain the evil desel
  • Mario the red #5 tender engine
  • Luigi the green #2 tender engine
  • Wario the yellow #3 tender engine
  • Waluigi the purple #4 tender engine
  • Pacman the #6 GWR engine
  • George bush the #7 tram engine
  • Army 10 the claw desel
  • Troublesome moneycars
  • Don and Doug the scottish engines
  • Penguin the GWR #8 painner tank engine
  • Iron works Washington and Lincon
  • Bill the narrow gauge #1 engine
  • Phil the narrow gauge #2 engine
  • Sir Pen the narrow gauge #3 engine
  • Peter pan the narrow gauge #4 engine
  • Rust the #5 desel
  • Tony the narrow gauge #6 engine
  • Captain hook and Blackbread army 10 sidekicks
  • king Bowser koopa the double decked rude bus
  • Bert the bus
  • A.R.Army the leader of the trucks
  • Smith the GWR #11 engine
  • Todd the brakevan
  • Billy mays the goods engine
  • Vince offer the mean diesel
  • US coaches
  • Billy and Benny the twin tank engines
  • Ernie the helicoter
  • Michelle obama the green engine
  • Kirby the playful engine
  • Fred the narrow gauge #7 engine
  • Joe biden the #55 engine
  • the Horrid koopas
  • Wart the grumpy steamroller
  • Dr.Cortex the barber
  • Elephant the Show off engine
  • Donkey the old engine
  • and more


Obama gets tricked


Bye wart

World's strongset president

and more

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