The objectives of this campaign are to educate children on the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and to promote a healthy lifestyle consisting of a balance between nutrition and exercise.

- as group we want to show children how to exercise properly and how to eat properly

- every age level will have certain exercises that will be suitable for their age and certain foods that they should take more of

- we will show them how accomplish this and achieve a healthy weight all by the way they eat and exercise

- Convince the executive (or whoever we have to convince) that a healthy lifestyle promoted early on in elementary and high school will vastly improve the overall health of our communities, as well as reducing the government spending on health costs as a result of a lack of health and nutritional lifestlyes amongst youth. (feel free to edit this one)

- Convince parents that physical activity is as important as academic activity, and that a healthy lifestyle contributes to academic success

- main objective? remove junk food from school vending machines as well as cafeteria, implement mandatory PE and other physical activities?

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