Oblivion Guild emblem

Humility, Justice & Honor

What we stand for?

Humility: Being humble is considering others as important as yourself. You are thoughtful of their needs and willing to be of service. You don’t expect others or yourself to be perfect. You learn from your mistakes. When you do great things, humility reminds you to be thankful instead of boastful.

Justice: Practicing justice is being fair. It is solving problems so everyone wins. You don’t prejudge. You see people as individuals. You don’t accept it when someone acts like a bully, cheats or lies. Being a champion for justice takes courage. Sometimes when you stand for justice, you stand alone.

Honor: Honor is living by the virtues, showing great respect for yourself, other people, and the rules you live by. When you are honorable, you keep your word. You do the right thing regardless of what others are doing. Honor is a path of integrity.

Rules and Guidelines

The Oblivion guild only has one rule and that is RESPECT. Most of all you need to respect our slogan (Humility, Justice & Honor) and follow it. You must respect guild members and players alike.

For clarification here is a few examples on disrespectful behavior:
Insults of any kind towards other members and players are not allowed.
Item leeching and XP leeching is not allowed, we are not a charity.
Borrowing and lending kama is not allowed, we are not a bank.

Leadership & Council

The guild is run by one supreme leader and 9 Elders. Some Elders will have specific duties and others will just maintain the interest of the guild. Being an Elder will have controls on most guild rights including percs and recruiting. You can only become and Elder once you are voted in by the other Elders. Please do not ASK to become an Elder, you will be chosen.

Current Leader

Achieng - Ecaflip

Current Elders

Shard - Sadida (Diplomat: Oversees inter-guild relations)
Kajih - Osamodas (Counsellor: Oversees inner guild problems)
PolarMan - Sadida (Officer: Helps run guild)
DeathsRay - Xelor (Officer: Helps run guild)


Ranks are given when a member has acheived a certain amount of experience given to the guild. This only applies to non Elder members.

Experience Given Title Acheived
0 On approval
0 - 999 Apprentice
1,000 - 4,999 Merchant
5,000 - 11,999 Breeder
12,000 - 24,999 Mentor
25,000 - 49,999 Guide
50,000+ Chosen One

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