From what ive read in books, mothers are supposed to be caring sisters are supposed to be close and father's are supposed to be loving so why does my mother not seem to care? why do i always argue with my sisters? and why does my father never come home?

the stories tell of families solving problems together families sharing jokes together families living happy memories together families having fun together my family hardly ever does that sharing jokes and memories is a thing of the past and families having fun and solving problems? i dont think that day will ever come plus the word probaly doest exist in our family vocabulary

there is one flaw in all of these storybook families, if you're adopted or just not related in any way not blood, or anything the 'family' might just treat you badly maybe i was adopted or changed at birth, maybe it was all a big mistake. or maybe im just not good enough

i would try harder but everytime i do even improve just a tiny bit they start puting me down which is no encouragement so i get depressed and get even worse

there i've written/said it so read it and tell me whether its good or not.

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