Rain Snow Hail -- Ice Hail

rain pours down. running into the gutter and the sewers too. weighed down by heavy unseen forces. then snow falls.

the snow keeps the rain in place. joining with the rain until they are one. now they are strong. and can overcome many things. no longer s rain left behind, it is now solid and beautiful. no longer lonely, dreary, boring. comes. the ice pierces the combined elements of snowdrop and raindrop. breaks it into little frozen icicle pieces. everything shatters like a broken mirror and agina rain falls. sad, mornful and regretting that it got its friend snow into such a big mess.

but the snow and rain do not uncombine. they have become too close to stop their newly bonded friendships now. so they suffer toether. the hard cold, frozen touch of the ice. and some survive, others again flow nto the gutter, and others nourish the worlds flora and fauna with every livving creatures number one need. water.

then...hail falls....hail. that which can be so frozen like a piece of water, or melts down to form rain. as is so in this case. half of the hail becomes rain and again cries. regretful they did not come sooner and sad for the now wandering and the lost,

but then the majority of the hail becomes ice. and the falling hail turned rain is helpless. there will be no more snow for the rest of the day. not till the day after tomorrow.

and still the ice falls faster than ever. piercing, prodding, cracking, breaking. on and on it goes. like it will vnever end. then the ice stops as abruptly as it started.

the ice stopped, as did the rain adn slow and hail. leaving just dew drops glistening in fields of grass. someone somewhere blinks

in that blink...a war raged, many new bonds broken. and then *slowly open eyes* the suns, skies are clear leaving, compacted forces of rain, snow, hail just lying there. ust a few, all the rest are gone. and as it drips and melts to water from high up. like crying ...for all the above that happened and the final realisation that this has happened before and will ..most probably happen again.

Because that is Nature. nature enforces all this as government, courts and judges enforce law.

but that doesnt matter, they think , if they did think. we have our friends, we have our gentle, caring rain, the strong and wise snow and the few but very precious friends of hail. and thats ...all that matters really. View High Resolution Order Prints & Gifts Create Your Own Site

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