Danilo Fratondi - Ocean

Name = Ocean

Artist = Danilo Fratondi

from Single = Ocean (single)

Released = December 17, 2008

Genre = Progressive pop

Length = 10:46

Ocean en un sencillo del musico Danilo Fratondi, lanzado en y MP3 download el 17 de Diciembre del 2008. Es el primer sencillo que Danilo lanza a dichos formatos.


Danilo crea esta canción a partir de su fascinación con el mar y de lo parecido que es para él el oceano al corazon de una mujer (tal como lo dice la letra). Crea un ambiente alejado y sombrio pero sin perder la calma que caracteriza el piano y las olas.

Track listing

  1. "Ocean" - 6:17
  2. "Ocean (edit)" - 4:29


You hide your secrets in you,

just like a women's heart.

You're full of strange surprises,

can't wait to know at all.

And all my dreams still wishing.

You say that it doesn't worth...

But down your frantic waves, it looks like

the stillness hidden inside

would like to see the light

but you don't let come out...

Because of this i love you,

there's nothing left to say

Your tides won't make me go back

i'm sailing you away...

Your heart is rare and deep,

you keep your prisoners there

if i could find the way out,

the air is hard to breath.

Foreign land of thousand years,

you won't defeat my soul

Although you hit me against the rocks

my love will be the last to break

I love you...but i' ve got to get out



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