Version 1

Agent Olive as Twilight Sparkle

Agent Otto as Spike

Agent Olympia as Pinkie Pie (both energetic and happy)

Agent Otis as Applejack

Ms. O as Rarity

Oona as Fluttershy

Oscar as Rainbow Dash

Odd Todd as Discord

Shapeshifter as Sunset Shimmer

Evil Teddy as Starlight Glimmer

Delivery Debbie as Princess Celestia

Agent Orchid as Sweetie Belle

Version 2

Ms. O as Twilight Sparkle

Oscar as Spike

Agent Olive as Applejack

Agent Otto as Rainbow Dash

Oona as Pinkie Pie

Agent Octavia as Rarity

Agent Olympia as Fluttershy

Version 3

Agent Otto as Twilight Sparkle

Agent Otis as Spike

Ms. O as Applejack

Agent Olive as Rainbow Dash

Agent Olaf as Pinkie Pie

Dr. O as Rarity

Agent Orchid as Fluttershy

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