Ode to Gordon, sometimes known as Gordon, is a song from the eighth season dedicated to Gordon.



We'll sing a song for Gordon, He's big, he's fast, he's proud

His paint is blue, so strong and true, and his whistle's really loud!

The fastest train on Sodor, you can't forget his name

So when we've sung for Gordon, well, let's sing it once again

Through wind and rain he thunders on

On him we can rely

Reliable and useful too

And that's the reason why


The journeys never tire him out

He'll work all day and night

And everyone admires him

His boiler gleaming bright

(chorus x2)



Deleted Scenes

  • What's the Matter with Henry? - An extended scene of Gordon passing Henry.
  • Harold and the Flying Horse - An extended scene of Gordon and Henry passing Rolf's Castle while Harold flies overhead.
  • Gordon Takes Charge - Deleted close-up of Gordon's whistle and wheels.
  • Edward the Great - An extended close-up of Gordon.
  • Squeak, Rattle and Roll:
  1. A deleted scene of Gordon going down the hill with the express.
  2. A deleted scene of Gordon passing a signalbox with the express.