The world of Akami is not as safe as some may think. The radioactivity of the initial crash didn't advance the First Five's intelligence alone, and animals have become able to plan and prepare organized attacks against people. So, people need to be able to defend themselves.


Melee fighting is the standard for most people. It is simple, powerful, and easy to understand. There is a variety of weapons for a fighter to use, as well. However, the close range that is necessary to use any melee weapon is a large disadvantage. You are easily within reach of any spell or other weapon, although it will neutralize most ranged fighters' usefulness at distance. Some recommended stats for melee fighters are strength and vitality training, to increase the damage they deal and the punishment they can take.


Ranged fighting is a bit more difficult to use well. Distance is vital for the best efficiency, and the more powerful bows require a lot of strength to use effectively. However, that same distance can keep you out of many people's reach. Fighters can't get close enough to deal their damage, any ranged fighter can be matched by you, and only a good long-range Krom user can deal damage with spells. Some good stats for a ranged fighter are strength, dexterity, and agility, to increase a bow's range, your accuracy, and your ability to get out of the way.


Krom fighting is one of the hardest but most powerful skills. There are three "types" of Krom spells: self, touch, and cast. Self spells effect yourself, touch spells effect anything nearby, and cast spells attack long range. All spells work by layering the eight elements (fire, water, earth, air, light, shadow, shock, and neutral) and melding them into one spell. As a caster, you can be as far or close as you want. Some good stats are intelligence, agility, dexterity, for increasing your weave slots (1 per point for cast spells, 2 per point for self or touch), being able to stay away or get really close, and aiming your cast spells from a long range better.

Elements in Reality

As Akami will be a realistic game (hopefully)(Krom works via psionics), all of the elements must be referable to the real world, so here we go.

  • Fire - Heat
  • Water - Moisture
  • Earth - Dust and grit
  • Air - Air
  • Light - Photons
  • Shadow - The lack of photons
  • Shock - Electricity
  • Neutral - Dead space (the space in between molecules)

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