Officer Floria Roberts is the safety officer of Crossover Universe and the wife of Tristan Taylor appearing in Wedding Peach. Voiced by Susan Roman (the actress behind Lita Kino from Sailor Moon), she has short green hair and orange eyes and wears an Officer Jenny-like outfit composed of: a blue short sleeved police shirt, blue miniskirt, tan pantyhose and black high heels. At her age, she is 13 years old.


  • Lana and Bradley Roberts (Parents)
  • Calvin Roberts (Younger Brother)
  • Tristan Taylor (Husband)


  1. Being perfect to Tristan
  2. Reporting for duty
  3. Working with Officer Jenny and Lt. Felina Feral


  1. Seeing her brother in trouble
  2. Getting busted
  3. Losing her trials


  • She is an officer who works for anyone safe.

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