This entire wiki is intended to describe information on the fictional universe of Limeria, a fantasy land that openly accepts any kinds of fanfiction.
Furthermore, we go to great lengths to describe all elements of Limeria, from it's general basis to the entirety of the idea. It is a split world, made up majorly of three different sections: The Northern Forests, the Central Deserts, and the Southern Beaches. Similarly, these three have their own Abyssia and Ezodiac counterparts.

The Before Years

The Ald'Cha'Ook began shaping Limeria, as races were slowly adjusting to their enviroment after being created from a small speck of magically endowed genetics. Orcish forces began to dwell, and the first kingdoms were born.

The First Age

Kingdoms developed, wars began, and grudges were created.

The Second Age

Magic grew in popularity, simple access to material was gathered, and Abyssic worship spread.

The Third Age

Limeria prospered for a very short time, when Aesta managed to end the third age quickly and sharply. Aesta had taken over Limeria, forming a grand Abyssic bondage over all of Limeria.

The Fourth Age

For many years, Aesta ruled over all of Limeria. It was until then that three heroes managed to enter Abyssia (With the voluntary sacrifice of one of their own) and destroy Aesta's pocket of Abyssia.

The Fifth Age

Peace is once again restored, but the shadow of chaos remained. During this chaotic period, the orc stronghold slowly grew in strength, watching with a keen eye on the slow rebuilding of the shattered Limeria.

The Sixth Age

Orcish forces, taking advantage of their enemy's trouble, managed to take over Limeria. They ruled with an iron fist, and were nearly unstoppable. They were ended, however, by an unexpected party of journeymen who had managed to avoid the government for a long time.

The Seventh Age

The Orcish Stronghold had been all but destroyed, though, and regathered in their central point. They held back as Limeria, now stronger, rebuilt it's ties and grew into a peacable kingdom.

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