In Sorme, the infinitive ending is -ur.

Verb endings indicate the tense. Verb prefixes indicate the person.

Group Stem Imperative Infinitive Present Preterite/Past Future Progressive Perfect English
1 abliv ablivaze ablivur -ur ablive -e ablivu -u ablivo -o abliv-b -b abliv-c -c to live
2a stäng- stäng! stänga -a stänger -er stängde -de stängt -t stängd
to close
2b läs- läs! läsa -a läser -er läste -te läst -t läst
to read
3 sy- sy! sy - syr -r sydde -dde sytt -tt sydd
to sew
4 (strong) stryk- stryk! stryka -a stryker -er strök * strukit -it struken
to strike out
to iron
to stroke
4 (irregular) var- var! vara är var varit - to be

Infinitive ending: -ur

Present tense endings:

-es -jem

-az -aza

-i -om

Past tense endings

-u -jimi

-asa -sir

-io -üm

Future tense endings

-is -yumu

-iz -isa

-iyi -omur

Conditional: zur + inf

Perfect tenses: yesur + -e


nominative any

accusative -ä

genitive -üm

instrumental -ö

locative -u

Plural is formed by adding i- or yi-.


ye omo

zi zia

in ina

Superlative of adjectives= -öys

To form the plural, add y- to the beginning of a word that starts with a vowel, and -i to words that begin with a consonant.

There are six cases: nominative, genitive, accusative, locative, instrumental.

The genetive describes possession where something/one is from, and what one has. The locative describes where one is. The instrumental is for the preoposition "with", and instead of "by" (not as in near).

The infinitive ends in -ur. First person plural forms have optional -e-.

Pronouns are declined as nouns. If the noun ends in an umlaut, or vowel, only the consonant is added.

Adjectives may go before or after the noun they modify. Adverbs look the same as adjectives.

        -er   -est

i.e. rik rikë riköys

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