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Entry 2 -- Surrounded by Fools in Biology

I had biology second period. I have biology lecture every other day second period and biology lab every other day seventh period. When I don't have biology, I have gym and you know what I think of gym. I can ice skate and ride a bike for miles, but when it comes to games and sports, how do you say pointless waste of time?

Biology lecture is down in the auditorium. I had a seat down in the third row. One of the girls from Honors English sat next to me. She didn't do this because she liked me. I'd learn that soon enough.

Our first lecture was on how the course was set up. Yes, it was boring, but then the teacher really got started and instead of talking about dissecting frogs (I'll still have to do that and it is not something to which I look forward.) he started off with biochemistry and drew interesting diagrams of sugar molecules and explained how everything was composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, just four building blocks and occasinoally a few others, kind of like my little brother Stasch' Legos.

Well I heard the buzzing. I slowly let myself turn around. I wished I hadn't. The buzz came from the upper row of tenth graders. Biology lecture is mixed, so the ninth graders like me are in with regular tenth graders. That was who was buzzing and slipping notes back and forth and not caring. One of them, a tall girl had I-pod earphones on as did a boy with jet black hair with white tips. I tried to imagine that boy in the beauty parlor and if you know me you know I've got long hair, but I only go to the barber's twice a year.

There is nothing you can do when older kids act like idiots. I made myself look away. I knew now why the girl sat next to me. She wanted to be near another familiar face and one that cared about the course. She was taking notes drawing the diagrams with a flourish. I went back to my notes. I watched the teacher. He seemed distracted.

I remembered he couldn't look away from the idiots in the back rows and he could probably hear them because they wanted the whole room to hear them even though they were not one bit entertaining. I glanced back at them again. I'd have to deal with at least one of them in the locker room before gym tomorrow.

"If you don't start paying attention to what I am saying now, I am going to give every body a spot quiz," the teacher threatened. There was a single snicker of laugher and then for a few seconds the room got quiet and then there was another snicker. The laughter seemed weirdly contagious. The girl next to me put her hand over her mouth and cast her eyes down at the notebook. I stared at my notes. I did not want a pop quiz due to those tenth grade idiots.

I did not get what I wanted. I got a ninty which wasn't too bad for new material I had just heard in class. By the time biology class was over, the idiots started complaining on their way out. They said the usual ugly things kids say about teachers about how our biology teacher was just collecting a pay check and marking time until he retired. He is an older guy. They also said that teachers had it easy working nine months out of the year.

I thought that if I had to face idiots like those tenth graders every other day and also in lab, I would throw something at them and lose my job. I tried to think of what would be worth throwing. It seemed kind of stupid to lose a hypothetical job over a spit ball or wad of paper. I decided it would have to be something hard like a big ball bearing or a marble or something noxious like a paper bag of itching powder. They say they really make itching powder, it is ground glass and horse hair or something like that.

The girl fronm English drifted down the hall looking for other girls with whom she could have girl talk. I went and found Lenny, the math genius. Lenny may have hair in his eyes and smell bad but he was the King of algebra last year.

"Chemistry and physics are better than biology," said Lenny.

"I know, we get to take them over computer," I reminded him.

"What if the parents group get a part time teacher?" asked Lenny.

"Doesn't matter. The computer room is quiet," I replied. "Probably they'll reserve it for us."

"It will be us and the girls," Lenny corrected me.

"Do you think the girls will take chemistry and physics?"

"Yeah....there's some smart girls out there."

"Yeah, but it's mainly English."

"English and social studies," Lenny remnided me which was the subject we had next. It would be General Topics this year so we could get it out of the way and study history later on. The state of Kentucky required we cover a whole bunch of small topics. My mother didn't like that, but then again, she lives back in Duluth, Minnesota which is where my family is from. It's hard to believe we've only been in Greenup three and a half years.

Suddenly, I felt someone bump in to me. "Sorry," said the boy with white tips on his black hair. "Next time say excuse me!" bellowed Lenny before I could stop him.

The boy turned back and gave Lenny an ugly look. Just then the fat retired truck driver who is one of our hall monitors came out to direct traffic. We just escaped getting in to an ugly fight.

"Lenny," I said when we got down towards the social studies class room. "Save your breath for something worthwhile."

"He thinks he can push us around just because he's in a stupid band," snarled Lenny.

"Half the school thinks they can push us around, but we're going to whip their asses some day where it counts! You've got to remember that."

My pep talk went right past Lenny who likes math but can't see the big picture sometimes. Anyway, we hd social studies next.

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