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Entry 35 Kite on the Roof

Stasch and I flew our kite, Sunday afternoon. It got my mind off of Koli. Yes, I worried about Koli. I also had to babysit for Stasch because my parents were unusually busy in the shop. I woke up Sunday morning to the smell of veal stew simmering on the stove. In case you think veal is gross, you've never eaten it, and veal neck cooked with vegetables and potatoes tastes delicious. We eat our veal stew over farfelle, orzo, or ancine de peppe. I realized I had slept later than Aunt Aliza who hardly sleeps these days. She had a big pitcher of iced tea getting cold. We drank tea together.

Then I went to study, so that when she went to work, I could go outwith Stasch. There was a good wind so we walked that long walk to the park and we found a nice space on top of the hill. Of course some of the assholes from my high school were playing football while the female assholes sunbathed and watched the male assholes. I was glad they were busy with each other. They left Stasch and me alone.

We had three flights with the kite. The first flight was about five hundred feet which is about average for what we can get with the kite I built last spring. Our second flight was six hundred and fifty feet. Our third flight though, that was the best. We got to the end of the kite string, which meant eight hundred feet. The kite was just a small speck bouncing around where the sky gets to be a paler shade of blue. It was almost hypnotic.

Landing a kite that has flown that high is tricky. You want a gentle landing, not a crash. You especially don't want a crash if you are going to have to fix the kite's points by reinforcing it with electrical tape which is ugly and makes the kite slightly unbalanced. I forgot that I had to get the kite to land on the grass. The kite had a lovely and soft landing right on the roof of the new recreation center which is still under construction.

"Uh oh..." said Stasch.

I knew we needed to get the kite off the roof. The problem was that it was Sunday and also the new recreation center was a construction zone and kids weren't allowed in there even when it was open. Do you think I let that stop me? I started to look for a way to climb over the fence so I could at least get close to the recreation center. I couldn't find one but I did find a hole someone had busted in to the fence. Stasch and I cut through the hole.

Then we still had to get up on the roof of the center. Fortunately, the construction guys had left out some scaffolds. I started to climb them. I told Stasch to wait on the ground for me. By now, I noticed someone was at the fence. It was two football players. They were going to have a story to tell on Monday if they didn't go snitch to the authorities or find a parent or do worse. I started to feel sick and scaird. I made it to the second level of the scaffolding and wasn't sure how to get to the roof.

I needed time to think but instead I was thinking about the football players who if they were good people would be helping Stasch and me recover our kite. I finally found a rickety wooden ladder that led to the roof. The roof didn't feel solid under my feet. I think it has soft spots in it. I manged to grab the kite by its string and reel it to me. I carried the kite down the ladder on to the second scaffold and then let it down by its string to Stasch. Getting down was a bit harder than climbing up, but I made it. I felt like I was going to puke. I was all sweaty. My legs were even rubbery. I inspected the kite for damage and told Stasch that there would be no more flights today. I was glad the kite needed some minor repairs.

Aunt Aliza kept asking if I was hungry or thirsty. I was afraid I'd puke up anything she gave me. I wondered if I was coming down with something. Maybe she thought something was up, but if she learned that I had climbed on to the roof of the new recreation center which isn't finished yet to get Stasch' and my kite, I'd be grounded for the rest of my life, well maybe not the rest of my life, but too long.

I picked at my dinner. Aunt Aliza looked so sad when I wouldn't eat. She felt my head. I begged her for tea, iced tea. I drank it and managed to get some studying done. I knew that come Monday, all the wrong people would be talking about me recovering the kite.

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