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Oisin Renjyi

I'm Oisin Renjyi and at the start of my own story I am fourteen years old and a student at a fictionalized version of [Greenup County High]. I am a fresh person though I take second year mathematics and biology instead of general science. I am also in French 2, though we have to learn that over computer, because our school doesn't have a French teacher yet.

I like to build things and figure out how things work. I don't want to be a mechanic though. I really want to understand things. I took a career interest test in seventh grade and it said I should be an engineer. An engineer has to go to college.

I want to go to university. It would be nice to be in with other smart people who are curious about the world instead of the kind who spend all their time thinking about dumb stuff. You know what I mean by dumb stuff, girls, drinking, clothes. I mean clothes you buy at the store and some look better than others, but you can only wear one outfit at a time, and girls are there. People come in two sexes right. Girls are very smart in English and social studies. You have to watch them. As for drinking, that's like smoking. Do I have to say more?

I live with my father, my stepmother whom I call Aunt Aliza, and my little brother Stasch who has ADHD and is in the first grade. We have an apartment over my dad's print shop. My dad started a printing business here. It's called R & O Printing and All Color Sign. We have a three bedroom apartment with a finished attic for a guest room. I painted my room this summer and it has different color squares on the walls like a collage or plaid, but uneven and free form. I got books on doing fancy paint jobs. Poor Aunt Aliza couldn't take it.

I sometimes thinks adults get dumber as they get older. I hope that doesn't happen to me. Maybe it doesn't happen to everybody. Anyway, here is my story. It's not easy being a freshman in high school. I am small and not in to sports or dumb things and the big brutes with excrement for brains rule the world. Well, some day they may have to work for me. At least I hope that's the way it turns out or maybe some day they'll have to pay royalties on some great invention of mine. That will really be sweet.

Here is where my story begins.

This is the the essay that got me in to honors English

More to come...

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