The Old Gods

The Old Gods are an ancient pantheon of Gods and Goddesses within the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Past Universe.


It is not known if the Old Gods were once mortal, or if there was time itself without them. What little we do know states that the Old Gods were beings of infinite power and influence, and the very essence of life, death and existence were but playthings to them. Their exact numbers have been lost to the depths of time. Whatever their beginning, it is also known that the came to this world and upon it, in the Last Council Of The Old Gods, created life and civilisation, and withdrew from the active affairs of their mortal creations. It has been said that previously they had take a more direct involvement in their creations, but for reasons unknown each time this approach failed. And so they simply created the life and within them instilled the knowledge, if not the understanding, of their creators, and left them to their own devices.

List Of The Old Gods

Each of the Old Gods had about them a particular domain, an essence and understanding of the particular forces of existence, that they both excelled in controlling, and best understood.

Domain Of Solar

These Old Gods had an affinity with the sunlight, and the raw power that radiated upon all life.

  • Sol
  • Iopter
  • Celaost
  • Uniao
  • Patlh
  • Oiaop

Domain Of Lunar

These Old Gods dwelt in the pale moonlight of the cold light, subtle and dark in their advances.

  • Seleni
  • Alkao
  • Cor- Ey
  • Ghrai
  • Eeaglhe
  • Quioaltophia

Domain Of Wind

These Old Gods could be found in all from the raging cyclone to the gentle summer breeze.

  • Zephatre
  • Adomni Alah
  • Defral
  • Gcal
  • Opanan
  • Erangla

Domain Of Fire

These Old Gods thrived in the raging fires of both the hearth and hell.

  • Tcoralphostui
  • Lucakfer
  • Hephasti
  • Ba
  • Poalaj
  • Hjakli

Domain Of Water

In the sweet nectar of spring water and the violent taste of the sea could these Old Gods be found.

  • Yu Soang Hjao
  • Rtyra
  • Posiedannah
  • Cvariopthilca
  • Jkalopa
  • Triamda

Domain Of Earth

Within each rock and mountain lay the essence of these Old Gods.

  • Gia No
  • Ah
  • Depautes
  • Lajakal
  • Ghoef
  • Xcelacn

Domain Of Death

The act of passing from this mortal coil, whether in one’s bed or raging on the battlefield, these Old Gods knew well.

  • Satnah
  • Hejg
  • Ioafr
  • Vorcke
  • Breyar
  • Bruywr

Domain Of Beasts

In the wild essence of the untamed beast could the cries of these Old Gods be found.

  • Xav
  • Htyrea
  • Xcverria
  • Lokjea
  • Ophanos
  • Mani

Domain Of Plants

These Old Gods found solace and life in the plant life of the world.

  • Artemia
  • Floarka
  • Nhjal
  • La Nam Doh
  • Kalek-Cavn
  • Ewqutri

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