Old Slow Coach, as seen in Thomas, Percy, and Old Slow Coach

Old Slow Coach is a character from Thomas & Friends. She was saved from scrap by Thomas and Percy and used as a temporary workman's hut when their old hut burned down. She was later given to Mrs. Kyndley's daughter as the "Something Old" in her wedding present. She cameoed in Calm Down Caitlin


  • Ertl Model
  • Thomas Wooden Railway Model
  • Moter Road and Rail
  • Wooden Railway
  • Bandai Tecs Model
  • Tomy Model
  • Hornby Model
  • Trackmaster (coming soon)


  • Old Slow Coach's theme is the instrumental from the ending to the Season 4 episode, Thomas and the Special Letter, & the Season 5 episode, Thomas, Percy, and Old Slow Coach.
  • In the Spanish and Polish dub, Old Slow Coach is portrayed as a male.

Counterparts (Female Version)


  1. Old Slow Coach/Thomas
  2. Old Slow Coach/TUGS
  3. Old Slow Coach/Theodore Tugboat
  4. Old Slow Coach/The Simpsons
  5. Old Slow Coach/Family Guy
  6. Old Slow Coach/Noddy's Toyland Adventure
  7. Old Slow Coach/Jack and the Pack
  8. Old Slow Coach/Sonic
  9. Old Slow Coach/Mario
  10. Old Slow Coach/The Little Engine That Could


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