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Old Stuck-Up, renamed Duck Helps Old Stuck-Up in American releases is a fan-fiction episode.


  • Director: Steve Asquith
  • Narrators: Michael Brandon (US TV Redub)
                   Michael Angelis (UK/US)

                    Joseph J. Terry (US)           

Featured Characters

  • Thomas (Cameo)
  • James
  • Duck
  • Stanley (Deleted Scene Cameo)
  • Old Stuck-Up
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • The Works Diesel (Cameo)
  • Troublesome Trucks


Duck Meets A New Diesel Called Old Stuck-Up, But James Doesn't Like Him When Duck Teaches Old Stuck-Up To Shunt Trucks & Pull Coaches. When Old Stuck-Up Gets Into An Accident With A Muddy Pool, Duck Rescues Him.


  • Stanley Is To Appear In This Episode, But It Is Cut.
  • When Old Stuck Up Pushes The Trucks Off A Cliff, One Of The Trucks' Face Is Missing.


  • Narrator: Duck & James Worked At The Yards On The Island Of Sodor. They Pulled Trucks & Coaches. One Day, Duck & James Were Talking About Another Engine Coming To Help Out.
  • Duck: Did We Hear The Fat Controller That Another Engine Coming To Help Us.
  • James: There's Another Engine?
  • Duck: Oh, Good. That's Nice. We're Having Another Engine Around.
  • James: I Might Be A Steam Engine Or A Diesel Engine.
  • Duck: That's Right, James!
  • Narrator: Suddenly, They Heard A Oily Purring Noise. It Was Old Stuck Up. He Purred Smirkly To Duck & James.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: This Is Old Stuck Up. He Is The Haughtiest Diesel On Sodor.
  • Old Stuck Up: Hello.
  • Duck: Hello.
  • Old Stuck Up: I'm Old Stuck Up.
  • Duck: And I Have To Teach You How To Shunt Trucks & Pull Coaches.
  • Old Stuck Up: Pah! What Nonsence?!
  • James: Pah! I Don't Like Old Stuck Up!
  • Duck: Let's Teach Old Stuck Up How To Shunt Trucks First.
  • Old Stuck Up: Yes! Maybe I Have To Shunt Trucks Carefully.
  • Narrator: Soon, Duck & Old Stuck Up Went To The Coal Yards, Leaving James Very Cross. Soon, They Arrived At The Coal Yards, & Old Stuck Up Coudn't Believe His Eyes. He Saw A Bunch Of Trucks. He Gave Them A Great Push, Shooting Them Fast Into A Siding.
  • Old Stuck Up: I'll Push You Off The Line, So I Shunt Better Trucks Than You!
  • Narrator: Old Stuck Up Pushed The Trucks Right Off A Cliff.
  • Narrator: The Loud Screams Escaped From The Trucks As They Fell Down The Ravine Below. Suddenly, Their Screams Were Cut Short By A Tremendous Smashing Sound As They Hit The Ravine Hard With A Loud Crash! Duck Puffed Beside Him.
  • Duck: Do It Right.
  • Narrator: Old Stuck Up Told Duck That He's Sorry, & Soon, Old Stuck Up Was Biffing Trucks & Shunting Them.
  • Old Stuck Up: No-One Can Stop Me Now!
  • Narrator: But Duck Told Him To Do It Right.
  • Duck: Do It Right.
  • Narrator: Soon, Old Stuck Up Shunted The Trucks Into The Coal Hopper. At Last, The Coal Was Loaded On The Trucks. Soon, Duck & Old Stuck-Up Arrived At Knapford Station. They Saw Coaches.
  • Duck: You Have To Pull Coaches.
  • Old Stuck Up: Yes! Maybe I Will Behave.
  • Narrator: Soon, Old Stuck Up Buffered Up To His Coaches & He Pulled Them Out Of Knapford Station. But Then He Pulled Too Fast The Passengers Pacicked & Old Stuck Up Did'nt See A Blocked Track. He Applied His Brakes But It Was Too Late! [CRASH] Old Stuck Up Fell Off The Rails & Into A Pool Of Water. Then He Slithered Down The Water.Water Splashed All Over Old Stuck Up As He Tumbled Right Through It.
  • Old Stuck Up: Oh No! Oh, Help!
  • Narrator: But No One Could Here Him. Suddenly, He Saw A Thick Wall Of Bushes.
  • Old Stuck Up: Bust My Buffers! How Can I Stop?!
  • Narrator: But He Coudn't Stop In Time As He Smashed Into The Bushes! He Flew Across A Ravine & Landed Into A Muddy Pool! Old Stuck Up Was Stuck In The Mud & as Worried.
  • Old Stuck Up:What Will The Fat Controller Say?!
  • Narrator: Soon, Duck Arrived To Pull Old Stuck Up Back On The Rails.
  • Duck: Well, Well, Well! Old Stuck Up Finally Got Into Trouble.
  • Narrator: That Night, Duck Brought Old Stuck Up Back To The Shed. The Fat Controller Was Waiting & Was Very Cross With Old Stuck Up!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Old Stuck Up, You Are Supposed To Pull The Coaches, But You Have Caused Confusion & Delay! As Punishment, You Are Suspended From Pulling Trains For The Next Two Months!
  • Old Stuck Up: Two Months?! You Can't Be Serious!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Yes, I Am!
  • Narrator: The Fat Controller Walked Away, Leaving Old Stuck Up Feeling Sad.
  • Duck: You've Finally Learned Your Lesson!
  • Narrator: Old Stuck Up Felt Very Silly. I Hope He Learned His Lesson, Don't You?

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