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Oldtown is in the south-eastern part of the San Andreas islands.

Part of the Ficticious San Andreas used for the Coterie of the Crimson Shadow LARP.

The area first settled, Oldtown, is generally comprised of brick or stone buildings and rowhouses. Technically, Oldtown is San Andreas, however the name is generally used to describe the metropolitan area and, as most people identify the metro area with Hightown, the appellation has effectively embedded itself.

Individuals with at least 1 rank in streetwise know that Voodoo USA holds turf in Oldtown.

Any building not specifically labelled can safely be assumed to be residential space, either single homes, apartments, or other living arrangements.

  • Mayor; Gregorio Ramerez
  • Chief of Police; Daniel León
  • Other Notable individuals;

Oldtown City Hall

Oldtown city hall

Built in the boom-years of the Gold Rush, Oldtown City Hall has served its purpose for generations. Despite its age the building continues to function, as much through lack of better options than the multiple renovations it has experienced in its lifetime. It has become a historical structure, but has also been modernized to nearly accomodate the needs of law and order in a modern city.

San Andreas Mission

Andreas Mission

Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God. John 3:20-21

The original mission around which the city has grown, this building remains a significant historical and cultural touchstone for many in the tri-city area. Despite its secularization under Mexican rule, and a brief period as the seat of government in San Andreas, it was purchased by the Catholic Church shortly after the new City Hall was built. Due to various issues with canonical law it remains independent of the local diocin system, and serves its community as its Priest sees fit.

Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza de la Medianoche

Sanctum Cathedral

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Psalm 23:4

Also known as Our Lady of the Midnight Hope.

Private donations enabled a cathedral to be built in San Andreas in 1847. The oldest cathedral in the city it was the beneficiary of significant donations through much of the gold rush. While the structure itself is very traditional it seems very out of place in Old Town as the urban decay which has plagued so much of the area have to have not touched the church. The building itself certainly seems protected by a guardian angel, yet some of the congregation has fallen prey to the crime and violence that plagues that area of town.

It is rumored that neighbors have heard strange Masses being held late at night, though no one has been seen going in or out for such events. Current and former parishioners sometimes mention doors and hallways that seemingly lead to dead ends. The children of the congregation have been strictly forbidden to play hide and seek within the cathedral since a boy was lost in 1873 during such a game. Individuals who have been in the cathedral at night say they can occasionally hear the boy within the walls, calling for help or trying to find his way out.

Oldtown Industrial Docks

Oldtown industrial docks

One of the major industries of oldtown, these docks have grown from a small set used to help supply the original spanish mission. They have been used to supplement the primary docks and yards at San Francisco, and have continued in such capacity World War II and the various Pacific conflicts of the 20th century.

American History Museum

San Andreas American history Museum

Owned by Carter Weiss, and his domain, but not within the Carthian domain. It was the location of the September 8, 2007 court.

We can probably assume that the site of Margarite O'Connell's death is in this picture of the area- but someone would need to say where, or at least which direction from the marked building.

Carter Weiss apparently also owns a club in old town, "The Patriot Club" or something like that. After the Kindred gathering of October 6, 2007 was evacuated from Shamroxx it was moved to this location. It was at this club that Ragnar Thriceborn took several muscular individuals to confront Michael Law with accusations that he had engeneered a breach of the Masquerade involving the Circle haven being raided and Thriceborn himself being removed to the morgue along with most of the other Circle members. During this confrontation, Michael Law demanded as payment of a Major boon Thriceborn owed him that the "Jarl" support for Prince only who Law did for a decade, effectively requiring the Jarl to step down. Rejecting the boon Thriceborn declaired Michael Law anathama and subject to a Blood Hunt. While Thriceborn seemed to have presumed a violent end to that confrontation, it was narrowly averted when police arrived. While most of the other Kindred of the City had been evacuated some time earlier Thriceborn was forced to flee the police, abandoning his Gangrel and Mekhet allies to the police. Law was taken into custody, but released quickly.

The Jarl's Court was then removed to the clubhouse of Heimdall Stadium while Law called for any who supported him against the Jarl to gather at the Hightown Country Club|Hightown Country Club.

Carthian Domain

San carthian domain

The only group domain of any significant size granted in the city, this domain was bestowed by the Jarl for the Carthian's unwavering and unanimous support during his Coup.

This is actually the city's 'Little Sicily'. Here the streets are relatively clean and peaceful. Ethnic food is served at a number of markets, while apartments, are crowded together, but in good repair. Not even the littlest old lady is afraid to walk out on the streets in this district.

Hope Community Hospital

San Ordo Hospital

Originally built in the 1870's Hope continues to serve much of the Oldtown area for emergency and long-term medical attention. While it was originally stone and may have been painted neatly in its heyday, it's color has faded to an unhealthy ashen gray and it looks even older than it is. Crumbling, underfunded, and chronically understaffed, any who can afford it choose to go to another hospital, leaving only the poor and desperate here. Hope's facilities have not been substantially updated since World War II, and it has come close to being shut down several times. One of the hospital wings has grown so decayed that it is no longer in use and several attempts to get it condemned have been made, yet no government action has been taken.

As with any building of this age and decay, there are the inevitable rumors of haunting and witnesses to events that range from unusual to terrifying. At least one legend says that in the 1930s a doctor named Herbert West lost his mind in the now-unused portion of the hospital and went on a killing spree, leaving his victims to haunt the hospital. While his rampage eventually touched all corners of the facility it was especially gruesome in the portion that is now largely unused. Many suppose it is for this reason, that much of the hauntings seem to center on that portion of the hospital. Some suggest that it is the reason that the wing has decayed so badly so quickly, though more rational people point out that wing received even less maintenance than the remainder of the hospital after the incedent.

Many citizens in the area joke that "Hope" is all the hospital has left, and they pray that it will recieve much needed funding and assitance to renovate or replace it. Some simply wish that the decrepit hospital would be torn down and replaced.

San Jude Hospital

San Jude Hospital

Built in the early 1900's this hospital has saught to provide ongoing care to the community of Oldtown. Named for the Saint Judas Thaddeus, the patron saint of police officers, hospital workers, and lost or hopeless causes, Jude has provided emergancy care for the local area along with preventative and maintenance care for as much as Oldtown as it can.

However, dispite its relative newness and better maintanence, St. Jude remains a smaller facility and lacks the funding it truely needs to make a substantive difference in the area. Recognizing this, and possibly in solidarity with the church's namesake, the Oldtown Police department has consistantly maintained a line item to supply support to the hospital. The justification is that Jude returns the favor by providing free care to police officers and their families and reserving emergency service space for officers wounded in the line of duty.

Sanctuary Psychiatric Asylum

Sanctuary Front

Set on a several green and healthy acres just north of Oldtown, Sanctuary has been a peaceful place for the mentally disturbed and criminally insane since it was established in 1887. Prior to that the building and grounds had been the mansion of a family which had grown wealthy in the Gold Rush and remained as middle management through the mining process. The house was converted to a Sanitarium, and much of the family's wealth invested in the new organization, when the last male of the family in San Andreas inexplicably succumbed to mental illness and his only sister, after arranging for him and the family posessions, moved away and disappeared from history.

Rumors persist that the brother remains a patient at Sanctuary, and his sister visits about once a decade.

There is a low wall near the back of the property which bears the inscription "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn." Sanctuary records show that the wall, and its inscription, appeared to be in place when the asylum was founded.

San Andreas Memorial Auditorium

San An Auditorium

The Elysium Hotel

San An Elysium Hotel

Might actually be Elysium. I don't know.

Black's Books

San An Black's Books

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