• Narrator: One morning, Olie was still stuck in the jail, then rip out the tape off her mouth, and unlocked the bag with the key and opened the jail door.
  • Olie: Whoa, I can't go to the water park. [Olie plays She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes on the harmonica]
  • Narrator: Just then, Olie heard from the door.
  • Olie: What was that?
  • Horton: It's us, Olie!
  • Olie: Maybe go to the camping.
  • Elmo: Right.
  • (Meanwhile, at the beach by sunny day, Olie was wearing swimsuit hear the "Everybody wants to rule the world with Tears For Fears" with 99 pitch, and Olie was sleeping.)
  • Leo June Annie and Qunicy: Olie!
  • Olie: Billy! (hugs Billy) I love you, Billy! We made it!
  • Lilo: Maybe go to your swimming!
  • Olie: Besides he's an enemy with Taran, Horned King and Frollo.
  • Bob and Larry: Let's go, Olie, do it!

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